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MG MGF Technical - Trophy vs VVC

Dear all,

I have just a simple enquiry,

What are the differences between a VVC and a Trophy?

What is in general the most approved and appreciated car? The VVC or Trophy?

Well, I hope everyone will empathise on the power of the VVC. Because I have one.

Tahiti Blue is always glooming in my eyes.

I'm sure one of the Chris's will add to this but as a starter:

The Trophy used the same engine as the standard VVC, but with improvements to suspension and breathing.

The VVC's 145bhp as standard (until the obligitory K&N) and the Trophy's 160. The extra 15bhp is due to a revised airbox, exhaust system and I believe attention to the inlet manifold.
The Trophy has an 'interesting' internal colour scheme, which most people seem to change (see Mike's site). The pricing of both is pretty much decided by how persuasive you are at the dealers, as they're not the old model, replaced by the TF. The Trophy is generally a couple of grand more than the VVC, at 15k ish.
Speed, Torque - dunno, check the MG web site!


Forget to mention the exterior - the Trophy has modified headlights resulting in a less cuddly look, a splitter and a rear spoiler.


Monster brakes - probably the most fun difference IMO!
David Bainbridge

I now have a Trophy 160, but I've also done 2000 miles in a VVC demonstrator 12 months ago. Performance is quite similar, with the Trophy a bit quicker expecially at the top end. There is also a bit more torque, which is noticable when overtaking. I can't quote figures though.
The ride of the Trophy is considerably harder than the VVC, in fact some may say uncomfortable. I wouldn't personally say it's uncomfortable, I think that the body control, lack of pitching and rolling, and improved handling is worth the poorer quality ride on bad roads.
As David says, the brakes are magnificent, far superior to the VVC, although ABS is not available on the Trophy.
The Trophy also has exterior modifications, including gorgeous 16" alloys, deep front splitter (which looks better than the KH splitter, although is not as effective), rear spoiler, chrome mesh on all intakes, different headlights and larger, round exhaust finishers. The Trophy comes in 4 paint colours - Trophy Yellow, Trophy Blue (not available on the VVC) Solar Red and Anthracite.
The interior has half leather seats, which I believe are standard also on the VVC, and colour coded door inserts, centre console and streering wheel. As Darren says, many people change this as (especially the yellow like mine) it is a bit on the garish side!

I have been delighted with my brand new Trophy since trading in my 6 month old 1.8 mpi last March, and have never looked back! The Trophy should retain its value better than the VVC as it is rarer, more striking to look at, and a limited edition.
I'm biased of course, but I suggest you go for the Trophy!
PK51VDL - Yellow Trophy

Paul, I agree with most of your comments having also changed from a 1.8mpi to a Trophy this year. Handling is certainly far superior. My car is also yellow and when I first drove it (somewhile before buying it, I bought it as an ex demonstrator) I also thought the yellow interior a bit over the top. But having had the car several months I've rather come to like the interior, which is very much 'in your face' but seems to add to the charm of the car and I feel the car would not be a trophy without it.

Revised wide bore exhaust system
Larger bore throttle housing
Revised MEMS 3 tune
Uprated suspension (lowered by 20mm)
Solid front & rear subframe mounts
Shortened bump stops
Hydragas interconnection pipe restrictors (in front and rear hoses)
'AP Racing' four pot brake calipers and revised discs (no ABS)
New 16 alloy wheels
Deletion of spare wheel
Introduction of 'Instant Mobility System' (Pump and Go)
Leather / cloth seats with embroidered name on centre panel
Body coloured centre console and door inserts
New steering wheel matched to body colour
Alloy / leather gearknob
Aerodynamic front bib spoiler
New rear spoiler (boot lid modified)
Bright front grille mesh and side intakes
Black headlamp bezels
New rear badging
New exterior body colours
Trophy Yellow - colour code FAR
Trophy Blue - colour code JFV
The 160 Ps K16 VVC engine has a re-machined cylinder head which increases the compression ratio to maximum tolerance above nominal.
Bruce Caldwell

<Introduction of 'Instant Mobility System' (Pump and Go)>

More like Pump and Walk!!

I bought a spare wheel, jack and brace!!!

PK51VDL - Yellow Trophy

Paul In one of your earlier posts you said a Mondeo jack fitted the lifting points and was also a better fit under front hood,did you buy one new? if so how much and part number.


I got a new Mondeo jack for my Trophy, but got it through my company, so paid hardly anything.
However, you could get them from a dealer for about £30 (including wheel brace) or I know one bloke who read the other thread got one for about £5 from a breakers yard.
The advantage (other than price) is the fact that it's a much more compact unit that the MG one, and fits inside the spare wheel rim much better.


The other bloke was me! Yes it was a fiver from a breaker's yard - if you're lucky you'll get one that's never been used too, and as Paul says it fits neatly inside the spare wheel. If you use the "Orange" alloy spare you can still wedge the "pump and walk" kit in as well for belt and braces cover if you're really pessimistic!


Sorry for calling you 'another bloke' Terry, I couldn't remember your name!

Terry, 'scuse my ignorance bit what's an "Orange" alloy spare

TF with uprated brakes, 'Instant Mobility System' thus no spare
John Thomas

The 'orange' alloy is a normal Trophy alloy, which for some reason is sprayed bright orange. It is probably because the tyre is directional, and shouldn't be used on the wrong corner of the car. There is only a 25% chance it would be the right one and MG don't want you to be driving with a wrong tyre, so paint the alloy a horrible colour to tempt you to get the original tyre replaced/repaired.

Hi John

I heard on the 'grape vine' that you had now got a new TF - to go with the old TF? Or was it a TC/TD?

Ted Newman

Paulís correct re the directional tyre under normal circumstances. However, if you are only using this a get-you-home/garage spare and which in my case is a part worm Eagle F1 then provided you drive sensibly, especially in the wet and then get the original sorted then you wonít have any problems - which ever corner you stick the spare on. I think Paul fitted a non-directional tyre on his spare?

Incidently the part number for a Space Saver Steel spare wheel on Dieter's site actually turns out to be the Orange alloy.


I would have thought the 'Orange' spare is non directional and painted that colour as a warning to remind you that the speed should be limited to below 50mph with it in use. All this because it has to fit in place of any of the wheels, is thinner than any of them and has a different tread. Or am I just talking outa the small.....?

Bruce (who hasn't got a Trophy or a TF)
Bruce Caldwell

Hi Ted, yes I have a real TF 1250 (1953) that won the Speed Championship last year
and now a new silver TF 135 since our sept 1995 F was 'damaged beyond economic repair'.

Amazingly they gave me 7050 for her and I could not refuse the 13,995 'April special' employee deal for a 135 (I spent just a tad more for an SP2 pack)

Having been uncertain about the ride of the new TF the more I drive it the more I like it.

I am so impressed by the steering compared to my old F I've entered the new TF in the California Cup Autotest at Silverstone.
cu there


ps Sorry to wander so far 'off thread' - still interested in the 'orange wheels'
John Thomas

Bloody hell John you going fast backwards! No one hurt I hope.

Ted Newman

New model John? SWB? tee hee, like it;-)

Normally I think that's the case with space savers but the Trophy spare is excactly the same size as a normal wheel and made by same company, just painted orange. I guess it would only take some mild blasting to get it back to alloy finish - and then refinishing and lacquering to get a "normal" looking wheel. As they cost just over £50 each it might be an option for an economical upgrade to a set of Trophy wheels if you could get them refinished fairly cheaply. I believe a Trophy wheel is about £140.

Hi John,

looks great :)

PS. thank you for the VIN you sent the other day !
Dieter Koennecke


Thanks for the info but does a Trophy spare wheel have a directional tire? I would have thought that to be rather silly as you only have a 50% chance of it being on the correct way.

Bruce Caldwell

Another 2p, the Spare (if you remember to order it) for the TF160 (i.e. SP2) is sprayed black. But is also fitted with a directional tyre.

M2 PJW (once more)


You may want to see the thread "Hands ups..." ;-)
Paul Lathwell


I don't know what you get if you order the spare wheel and tyre complete as an "accessory" when you order the car from new. - I just ordered the wheel on its own. Actually you only have 25% chance of it being correct on a Trophy as they're 195/205 front/rear. But as a spare it's not that critical as I said earlier. What might be important though if the fronts and rears are different sizes on your car is to get a spare tyre the same size as the rears so when they need replacing (usually before the fronts) you potentially might have new unused spare to swap, and need only buy one new one.


OK Terry,
Thanks for the explanation. I'm not thinking of buying a Trophy or a TF for the moment so the question was somewhat hypothetical for me. Just couldn't believe that MGR would force it's customers to fit the 'get u home' on a car with the direction of tread wrong.


Bruce Caldwell

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