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MG MGF Technical - TT exhausts your opinion

Ladies and gentlemen. After the unexpected success and demand from enthusiasts for the Mk 2 TT exhaust pipe. I would like to ask you a question, and for you to give me a bit of motivation.

I think EVERYBODY who has an F/TF should have the opportunity to own a TT exhaust. Why? Because it makes the car sounds like it should.
Way back in 1996 I wrote some sharply critical letters to MGR management about the hopelessness of the standard exhausts, and their usual lack of response led me to design the Mk1 with Trevor Taylor.

Should everybody have one or should it remain a rarity for the knowing connoisseur?


I'd like to put one in my F, which would compliment the sound that the K&N filter makes. (or would it drown it out?)

I would, however, like to have one made up locally in Melboune Australia. Importing metal is far too expensive an excercise.

Without doing anyone out of their business, is there a blueprint or a pattern or the like, that I could get a hold of and have the local boys make one up?

What is the difference internally of these noise makers?



Branko you have mail

The pipes are straight through, this is the secret to the noise, amongst other things.

Personally I think it should remain a rarity, with possibly a limited production run every year (<10).
There is already a large range of exhausts out there for the F, almost all of which will improve on the standard sound.
I think putting the TT into large-scale production would detract from its special nature, and there would also be the risk of its design being copied.
I have to say that since fitting mine there has been no end of interest in it though, with lots of F owners ( and a few non-F owners) asking where they can get one and if I would let them know if there is going to be more made LOL.
TBO there is a bit of me that secretly enjoys telling them that they are not available so they cant have one ;)
Steve White

I agree with Steve.

Who wants something that is COMMON. Certainly not me!!!!!!

When I first expressed my great interest at Gaydon after hearing the MK1 pipes, I had hoped any future resurrections would be few and far between and that I would be one of the lucky few to have one.

OK OK I'm just selfish and want to keep it all to myself cackle cackle!!!!


I agree with Fiona and Steve. Again, it's for purely selfish reasons. I do feel quite smug that i have one of these pipes and that it's still creating so much interest on here and on the road too. However I'd still be pretty smug as I'm sure you mentioned that any further TT's would be more expensive than what we paid. I don't think i've commented anywhere since having it fitted at last but it truely is a superb exhaust. Loud enough, with a great tone but without being too intrusive and 'boomy'(cat still on). I'm just sorry I had to rush off Neil as I'd liked to have had a closer look at the V8.


Neil, by the sounds of it you'd be in danger of a lynching if you let the TT fall into the same category as all the other off-the-shelf systems. Would you like your V8 as much if every Tom Dick or Harry had one too...?
Devil's Advocate

Speaking as a non-owner but someone who is lucky enough to have an occasional blat with Fiona's, and as someone who disappeared into my garage for 3 days to make an induction kit that was 'something a bit exclusive', I can't help but feel it would tarnish both the memory of Trevor and the efforts you went to. There isn't any other exhaust like it, and that's what makes it very special.
Mike Hankin

No problem with mass production, ... as long as there are only 2 in Germany (*smile*)

I think theres a bit of narrow mindedness going on. Wouldnt higher production figures lower the purchase cost ? I for one would love one but cannot afford it at present due to other commits. Im quite sure there are other F / TF owners such as myself who just about manage to run their cars on an extremely tight budget. Any mods are indeed rare and far between to people like me arent we due a fair crack of the whip ?? or is F / TF ownership about the have and have not's ???
D Jamieson

Ok I get the message, I was considering extending the patent and liscensing out production for a Mk 3 which would be again different from the haut cuisine Mk2

Anyhow it's a long way off ever being made again particularly in bulk. So rest assured your exclusivity is intact. Enjoy the noise, and the envy!


Why are we so enthrawled about a dirty, smelly part of the car......

I know.... The Noooooiise.!! :-)


we could say the same thing about girls!




OK, flame suit on.

A quick recap. Neil decides to commission a second run of TT exhausts and asks interested parties to commit to one. A certain number do (approx. 15 I recall). He even took the trouble to place the offer on ebay!

Anyway, those who ordered received their exhausts and are now enjoying the wisdom of their decision.

Surely we're looking at a case of people not taking up the opportunity when it was there before them and now regreting their indecision.

Well done Neil, a brave move on your part to offer the exhausts and go through the hassle of producing and supplying them.

David AP

Well, there are at at least 5 in Essex, and in particular, there is a certain street in Wickford that has THREE of them!!!

I really feel for the neighbours! LOL :-D

Scarlet has been in my mates' unit for the past week, i'm kinda hoping the alignment and finishers have been sorted out (should have been, it's all down to whether my mate has had any other commitments this week). Got something pretty exclusive being done with the finishers - a real 'one off' :-)

On the subject of exhausts, i have a pair of shiney X-Power systems sitting in my garage waiting to go on the V8...

And also... My Phoenix system has been sold - i'll be bringing it with me to Stoneleigh - will try to get some time tomorrow to clean it up so it's nice and sparkly for the new owner. Am doing a 'certificate of authenticity' at the moment - it's a "genuine piece of Scarlet Fever!!" LOL :-D

Scarlet Fever

Oh, one more thing, i've currently got E.R.O.T.A. playing on iTunes (...Time Gentlemen Please).

Scarlet Fever

... thread still active, so an update from my current conditions.

To the other owners.

Could it be that this TT noise makes someone addictive ?!!?? ;)

This is cause I now always want to drive with the MGF to the office instead of driving the much more economic Smart Car.
I have only 2 miles to go through the city with almost less than 30 mph 'stop-and-go', but can't resist using the MGF since I fitted the TT !!

Do I need a Doctor ? :)
Does compulsory health insurance fund pay for my recovery if someone's gotta TT junky ?


Dieter, does that make me a pusher?
We all wanted that "noise" from the car from the start! I am glad to be of service.

SF, and anybody else for that matter, if you email me your address I will happily send you a copy of the DVD of the "Engine Room of the Apocalypse: live at the Rock Garden", recorded Dec 18th 2005. It'll cut your head off! I just can't strip the sound track from the video...ARRRGGG!!!

Ahhhhh ERotA
wedding using wedding cars tonbridges, Funerals, Bahmitzvahs... RUINED!
Ask about our party clearing services

have you tried this? DVD Audio Ripper 1.0.1


Thanks Pal

I'll have that!!! you see, I know you guys could help


I am still waitng for some video/audio footage before I decide to go for another exhaust. I am currently running a Milltek (without cat) still without the 4-2-1 as I am a bit afraid it will make too much noise. After all it only has 165bhp and nowhere near 300bhp.

hmmm I wonder what can be done.
Open your window and you can probably hear the Essex boys!
I think we need to get all the TT owners in a multistorey car park somewhere and record the proceedings.


I have read alot about these exhaust systems and comments.These sound very much like a system made by zero-exhausts of Ashford,kent.A new batch will soon be availible and far superior to the mk1's batch.Same or different ??

Prior to this thread starting I independantly researched and had manufactured a very similar system here. The major difference is the use of a "triple flow" muffler instead of a straight through design. I'm very happy with it but I have blocked off the "short" pipe as the harmonics were very distracting. It can be opened up for track work Cost me AU$800 (less than GBP 300) and very happy.

I would be very dissapointed if people were out there ripping off my design. I have IPR on the design, and the recent rerun of 16 was for the enthusiasts on this site and for Trevor's Memory

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