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MG MGF Technical - Twin flex down pipe: RR result


REsults from hi-flow: the setup includes spaghetti exhaust manifold and twin flexi downpipe. All for 1200 OZ $ and 160 OZ $ transport. I

David, do you also have torque figures, as getting 4-2-1 would boost up the torque more than the bhp I thought.

I also thought of getting the exhaust manifold redone, but ran out of fund + they said will take 3 weeks to make it and I will be carless for 2 days.

Hanah Kim

Thatīs all they gave me Hanah. A pitty they donīt have any BHP or torque figures of the 4-2-1 fitted to an unmodified cylinderhead. I am tempted though.

That 20 horsepower is a huge gain though!
But quad throttle bodies = expensive + wolf 3D etc etc, probably cost close to 3000 pounds I am assuming...??

Hanah Kim

Interesting figures David - but as you say, who honestly knows what contribution - if any - the manifold is providing to that highly modified engine.
Rob Bell

Torque is 'power' multiplied by 5252 and the result divided by the rpm.

In this respect the true effect of performance gains will be seen in the torque gains and where they occur. Here the first spec has a torque peak at 3000rpm, the second spec 3% higher at 3500rpm and the third well modified spec produced 8% more peak but the same figure is seen at 3500, 4500 and 5000rpm. A very flat delivery and by 5000rpm is 16% and 10.5% up on the other specs. This shows the engine will pull stronger from lower rpm and continues long after the other specs see a sharp drop in torque.

Roger Parker

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