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MG MGF Technical - Two surprises in one day

I fitted my K&N kit. (that was the first surprise as I even had to buy a spanner since I do not own any such tools!) The second was/is the noise it makes. I had no idea what to expect but it certainly wasn't what I got!
I think I expected a sort of subtle rumble not a fully fledged roar. However, it does seem to have made quite a difference in acceleration (VVC model), I only hope it improves fuel consumption too.

A couple of points re. fitting.
1. Taking the rear shelf and engine cover off and the refitting (esp. the soundproofing material was a total b*****d!
2. I was following Rob's instructions as well as those supplied with the kit. Both spoke of plastic resonance box/chambers near the bottom right side of the engine bay(looking backwards). I took out filter box and pipe that led into it but that was not connected to anything. It just had a nozzle at the end and was fixed with a cable tie. ??? I could not find anything that could be described as a plastic box or chamber. Could my car not have one? (I know. That is probably going to win 'stupid question of the week' award!
Alan Dunlop

Nope, only the none requesting are and remain 'stupid' :)

I think you search for the box at a newer MY2001 car. It isn't that box. Robs description and all other stuff relates to MK1 MGF. Doesn't matter.

Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter, that makes me feel a lot better, I thought I must be blind or stupid. (or both!)
Alan Dunlop

It *won't* improve fuel consumption. Apparently it's supposed to, but that "subtle rumble" will cause you to use the loud-pedal more than before!!

1) Yes, the entire hood assembly is a pain in the ar*e.

2) Bizarre. There should be another box down there.

- Andy
Andy Gilhooley


How long did it take you to install the kit? So far I've avoided tinkering with the engine and opted for the easier interior and body work. But I've now got the k&n. What should I expect as I'm a bit of a novice too, so far Rob et al. have been spot on with timings and descriptions for other items.


Les Piggot

It took me about three hours (but I had to walk to shop for a spanner half way through!) The hardest part was accessing and dismantling, fitting and putting back together was relatively quick and straightforward. I would have never attempted this before but was encouraged by the comments here and the easy to follow instructions on Rob's site.

Alan Dunlop

Now I will have to remove it again. DOH! Can I refit to TF or not? If so, is it worthwhile? If not, any offers for nearly new K&N?

Alan Dunlop


Drop me a note on how much you're looking for it. I'm interested in it (for a sensible price) :)

Les Piggot

2001 and on cars have a different air filter assembly, which has a bigger element as well as the different cold air pick up.

Roger Parker

I knew that the MGF Trophy 160 has a completely new type of airbox to incorporate a 'trumpet' (or what ever you want to call it) at the rear of the airbox, point towards the rearmost crossmember of the rear subframe. I hadn't realised that this air-box mod had been applied to other MY2001 + models... Interesting- I should make a note of this on the installation page! Thanks Alan! :o)

BTW The K&N 57i WILL fit in a TF Alan- so go on, be the first to do it! :o)
Rob Bell

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