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MG MGF Technical - tyre guidance

Hello all.

Just bought my first TF and it has come with an odd assortment of 4 different makes of tyre (3 assorted budget, 1 Goodyear F1 GSD3) all 205/40/R16's. Let's just say the handling isn't what it should be so I want to get a new set (with 195/45/R16s at the front) and get the wheel alignment done.

I've looked through the archives and Toyo T1R's seem very popular, although most of the archived tyre threads seem to be a few years old. Just wondered what people are running and whether (apart from budget rubbish) there are any brands to steer clear of on the TF and what people recommend from currently available 2013 tyres?

All guidance gratefully received, my tyre guy who is normally excellent and has sorted all sorts of good tyres out for various classics in the past has got his knickers in a twist over this - need some pointers please!
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

You can go 215/40/R16 all round.

You must go 215/40/R16 as that is the only correct size. What does your Drivers Handbook state.
There was a MGR Notice to say that Goodyear F1 GSD3s must NOT be fitted to the TF.
Toyo T1Rs seem to be a popular fitment. It was a budget tyre however the same tyre is now a Premium tyre price. The new Tyre Labelling shows the Grip in Wet to be poor.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

I have toyos TR1 all round. Great tyre in the wet. cost should be about 65 per corner from Blackcircle. Fronts are 185/55 R15 82V and rears are 205/50 R15 89V
s a miller

I'm on 16" alloys. Original driver's handbook states 195/45/R16s 84V XL at the front 215/40/R16s 86W XL on the rear Geoff, as does MG Motor Co's website, so I'm unsure of the source of your information. I know it is *possible* to go with 215/40/R16s on the front but it is not the official correct profile. I'd prefer to try and stick as close to the manufacturer's recomendation as possible.

Think I'm going to go with the T1R's, good to hear positive things from first hand experience, Mr Miller, thank you.
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

If you want more positive things; I run three Fs one with the 215/40/R16 all round and two with 185/55/R15 front and 205/50/R15 on the back. All are T1R and all have their original front bumpers and wings after over 300,000 miles combined.
In my limited opinion T1Rs are as good as you will get.

T1Rs bought from blackcircles and fitted today, and the handling is transformed. Thanks for the reassurances folks.
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

If you enjoy the handling now, give it up to 500 miles before you really stretch them, as T1Rs seem to need a long bedding in before they really stick...

I second Charles - now on my second set of T1Rs!! But still not as good as the Bridgestones that we used about ten years ago!
Ted Newman

After reading this helpful advice I too have just had fitted a full set of T1Rs to my 2004 TF 115. Any advice on tyre pressure changes from original 28/38?
C Martin

ted, do you mean the s02's or the re720's? I had the latter and they were great.
Leigh Reid

I am switching away from Toyos as I have had 4 sidewall blisters in as many years on Toyos, whereas I have never had a sidewall blister on any other brand of tyre.

Just had the wheel alignment done a 4 wheel laser machine - handling transformed yet again. Charles you're spot on - they're getting nice and sticky now!
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

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