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MG MGF Technical - Tyres Danger?

Hi i bought 2 new tyres for my mgf about a month ago when there was no tread left on the goodyears. So i opted to go for the cheaper option of 2 federals. Its like driving on ice at the back end when it's wet. so anyway i changed the two front track-rods due to them being worn and took it to the national tyre garage to get the tracking done as i had changed the track-rods and he says i have the wrong tyres on the rear as mg issued a technical bullitin 3weeks ago saying you could only put goodyears on as they tested other brands on the track and they were all like driving on ice sept the goodyears anyone know anything about this???


Funny that I went to Quick Fit and they too told me that the only tyres they could offer were Goodyears as no others were recommended. I told them that about a year ago (usual do for MOT) they sold others for the front, and he said yes it only applies to the front.

Previoulsy at the mgf rover dealer he said he noticed the tyres would need replacing and when I said Quick fit are doing a better deal he said I must only fit goodyears.

However, if you look back at this board you will see reports that there aren't any goodyears left.

Also in a car park about 3 mths before Rover went bust I spied a brandnew mgtf with the glass screen, so I went to have a look and they didn't have goodyears, so presumably this isn't the case as Rover seem to be fitting different tyres !!


"Goodyear tyres only" very old chestnut

my experince tyre pressure major influence on handling

correct sizes may be important ( for 3years I ran with the 205s on the front and 185s on rear lol not. . . . ignorant)

if you havn't spun it by mistake yet then no worries

re tyres general if tread pattern and composition were important they would be specified on tyre wall.

tyres are what marketers call a "mature product" generally a "distress purchase" , sell on customers anxiety or vanity (boy racers )

so your mans MGR safty bulitin almost cerainly bullsh*t to play on your anxiety. Ask him if you could see it then watch the f*%ker panic.

my F in garage now for sand blast wheels and new falken tyres all round.

If I survive I,ll tell u all about it

Regards D
D Brunton

Have a look at the current tyre survey thread - you'll find that many owners have used many different varieties of tyres and brands - many to great effect.

What I would say to you is NEVER ever mix tyre brands/type on the same car. Mid-engined cars are notoriously sensitive to tyre specification (Lotus and Toyota MR2 are all the same). If you need to change the tyre type, *** replace all four tyres at the same time.***

BTW it is highly unlikely that MG have released any technical bulletins over the last few weeks. A technical bulletin was released a couple of years ago. It is a edict designed to avoid confusion so is stated very simply: only fit the tyres designed for the car. The reality is a good deal more complicated, but keep to the rules mentioned above, you'll not have a problem.

The only other piece of advice when it comes to choosing tyres, is to ensure that the tyre you have in mind to fit has as stiff a side wall as possible. Therefore Z rated tyres are probably a good choice for precisely this reason.

Rob Bell

If you are still unsure, you certainly seem concerned, give the professionals a call, all advice freely given here is experience based, most of which will be spot-on and valuable.

Try Brown and Gammons : 01462 490049
Mike Satur 01709 890555
Steve Tyler (MG Southend) my local 01702 332833

As Rob says, it is very unlikely that a service bulletin had been issued three weeks ago.

If you look at other current threads re : tyres, you will see other recommendations, I have my own, but what is crucial in my opinion is the fitting of the same brand all round, although some combinations do seem to work.

Adjust tyre pressures to suit, that will also make a difference.

Adrian Clifford

Just to add, some people seem to be under the impression Goodyears are no longer available, I have just checked one tyre web site here :

As you can see they are freely available, check other sizes for your car.

You will also see Toyo's, Yokohama's, Avon's and other known brands.

Adrian Clifford

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