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I have a 2003 mgtf that is need of new rear tyres. Goodyear Egles F1 GS D2 or D3 aren't available locally or Australia. The same for Toyo Proyes T1R.
I have fitted a set of Roadstone radial 3000 in the mean time ( a tyre imported from Korea by Dunlop) but its performance on the open road can be scary!!
There is an option of Kuma KU31 that are available in the 215x40x16 that is the same price as what the Goodyear were, and it has a good rating on test scoring about 4.5 out of 5.
Does anyone over your side of the world had anything to do with these tyres?
The Goodyears are only made in batches in Germany when there is enough demand. I can place them on back order but it could be up to 12 months, I am told!
Any advice would be welcome

Spencer Hunt
S N Hunt

I used always to run the old Bridgestone RE720's (sadly no longer available) or Toyos on my old F. The TF runs with GSD2's, and I know from my local supplier that the 195x45x16 won't be produced until March, and the 215x40x16 sometime around June. I have a set on backorder to collect (hopefully) in August - but I shouldn't need any until after then! Not much help to you, I know.

You'll be aware that the F/TF is extremely susceptible to choice of tyres and there has been plenty written on the subject over the years. There's lots of information around, but Rob Bell's site here: has some interesting information.

Certainly, in my experience, the sidewall stiffness and tread block pattern are critical in determining the handling characteristics. Such characteristics should influence your buying decision, rather than price :o)

Hopefully some of our Oz colleagues will be along shortly to help and advise on what suitable tyres may be be available in the region.
Mike Hall

Hello Spencer,
I just put some new Kumho Ku31's on my MGF size 215/40/17 rear and 205/40/17 front. They are handling just fine.
Have fun Sue
Sue Wilson

Thank you Mike and Sue for your comments, I'll try the Kumha for now and put a set of Good years on back order if they don't come up to expectation.
S N Hunt

A bit late but FYI when I got my car it had 2 decent contis on the front a worn cheapie on one side on the back and a Goodyear on the other.Surprsingly it still handled fine. The only tyres I could find in a set in the size and V rated were Yokohama (S1 from memneory). I went ahead and had them fitted and for steering feel and grip they are excellent. In fact so good I may scrub them off quicker than i want to as the car just wants to fly round corners.
Stan Best

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