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MG MGF Technical - Tyres - MS Hub Adaptors - and Garage BS

Got 2 Goodyear Eagle F1's fitted to my car.

Result, car that handles like a shopping trolley, and has no traction at all, vibration through the steering wheel, and quite frankly undrivable and speeds over 40 mph.

Drivers in Glasgow explains:

Your wheels are buckled..oh they tried that line last time.

Well, once I had a look at the other two tyres decided to replace those also, but this time went to Abbotsinch tyres.

Explained the problems:

They checked the balancing on all 4 wheels, which was off.
Also I checked tyre pressures, which Drivers had set too high.

but one other thing, i noticed, is with the hub adaptors.

If anyone has these, do NOT let any muppet, with one of these pneumatic wheel nut tighteners anywere near you car.

I strongly believe tightening bolts manually is the only way to go, so that the wheel becomes centered correctly.

Anyway all fixed now, and very happy.
Such simple things as tyre pressures and balancing can turn a well balanced, well handling car into a complete nightmare, be warned.

the new GDS-3's also seem a lot more tempramental with regards to correct typre pressures. (the tread pattern looks extreme, as though someone has slashed the tyres.)

The GDS-2's I had I ran at 30psi, slightly high, but I found it gave the car a certain predictability. (the central wear pattern, also ascertained over inflation as well.)

However, the GDS-3's at 30psi are like driving on ice, dropped to 28 rear, 26 front and they are great again.

paul weatherill


IIRC there was an (extensive) thread about these tyres recently.

The gist was that Goodyear themselves do not recommend them on an F. Worth checking the archive for if you have them (i don't so i gave up reading it after a while).

Scarlet Fever

<<(i don't so i gave up reading it after a while).>>

see what you mean, quite a "debate".

However, car is far from a standard setup, and is running on 17 inch rims.

guess only time will tell, but so far I am happy with them.
paul weatherill

I take it you were pleased with Abbotsinch then. I've always found them to be very helpful ( and unbelievably cheap).

A pretty good bunch of guys and no ar$eholes like my local kwik fit!

Bob Millar

totally agree Bob. No fuss, and a great service.
paul weatherill

This thread was discussed on 24/09/2003

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