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MG MGF Technical - Tyres Size/Goodyear F1's

I'm sure this has come up before, but here goes - what is the model number of the newer Goodyear F1 ?

Also - is there any benefit of moving out a size or two ? I have 205/50/15 on at the mo - is it worth moving up to 215/225 ?

Many Thanks


What model and year do you have Jeff?

New one is GS D3.
I have the old ones, GS D2's and they are very good IMO. Got them A LOT cheaper from Courier to my door within 24hrs for 7!!!!!
Local garage balanced & fitted for 10.

Model - 1998 VVC (With K&N filter)

I too have thought about fitting larger (wider) rubber to the rear of my F. I too have the 15 inch wheels.
Unfortunately it seems that the sizes required to keep the same sort of diameter are not available (i.e.215/45/15).
Jason H
Jason Harris

Jeff, to be quite honest, there is very little point in increasing the width of the tyre on the 6J 15" wheel beyond the 205 mm used as standard. The problem is the width of the alloy. Fit wider tyres, and they start to have sealing problems - and even before that, the side wall profile becomes significantly compromised, so instead of expected increase of grip, you get the whole tyre squirming off the rim.

Not good.

So the question is, what are you trying to achieve with wider tyres? If better handling is the answer, then consider a suspension upgrade. Given that a full set of tyres can cost in the order of 2-400 quid (depending on where purchased - like Stu, I always buy from Micheldever because they are so competitive), you can get your car lowered and sitting on up-rated dampers. And believe me, the car will handle a whole load better for it!
Rob Bell

You can increase the front from the 185's that would normally be on the 98 vvc. Personally I found/find the grip at the back fine after moving to the bridgestones, and the wider tyres on the front are well worth it (and cheaper).


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