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MG MGF Technical - ultra light flywheel

hi just bought a flywheel from e bay guy was selling as listed for mgzr 1.8 it should fit my 98 v v c (i hope)he said he bought it from the mg sport and racing sale the part no is E16211127000A1 47 G 8020 has anyone any info on this ie is it any good? thanks richard
rj hardwick

Got one in mine. How much did you pay for it? You'll prob notice a bit extra zest away from the lights, otherwise on a standard engine you wont feel a massive difference, if any in 'day to day' driving.


paid 120 just waiting for time or clutch going to fit it
rj hardwick

I've got a light-weight AP flywheel, complete with the AP uprated clutch. It is surprising how quickly one acclimatises, but the flywheel could be lightened still further if current experience is anything to go by...
Rob Bell


What was the uprated clutch? We are putting a blowers on a couple of K midgets, cltuch on the mobile one feels marginal for grip.
Paul Walbran

Hi Paul,

I had to go back to my records, and the lightened flywheel and AP Racing clutch were fitted in 2003, with the vehicle mileage at that time showing 75,000 miles.

Only done 30,000 miles since! But unsurprisingly, everything is still going strong.

Unfortunately, the invoices did not provide the part number, but as I recall, it is the same up-rated type often found on Lotus Elises -

By the looks of things, AP also do rather more up-rated clutches too - but the standard clutch I understand was fine with the MGF Cheetah supercharged engines giving 215bhp in the heavier MGF body - so I'd have thought that you'd be okay in the light weight Midget?
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob, I'll follow those up.

It's not actually slipping under normal (full power)driving but is slow to grip when the clutch is dumped. Given our inclination to autotesting where clutch dumps are routine and our use of sticky tyres to ket the K's power down, a relatively easy upgrade would make sense if it's available. I'd like to avoid getting towards the end of a hard day's autotesting at our national championships with a couple of us sharing the car only to find the clutch didn't quite do the distance!

And the engine is out at present, so a good time to do it if it can be done.
Paul Walbran

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