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MG MGF Technical - Underbody Air Scoop

I recall a couple of years ago someone (possibly M.S. or Rog P.) were tinkering with an underbody air scoop based on the MR2 scoop to try and force more air round the engine bay.

Anyone know if this was a success?


Ewan Ramage

This was Rog and also Paul ??
Can't recall any results. The Archives may know.

Dieter K.

It was Roger Parker: he used a Toyota MR2 part that required surprisingly little modification to fit. Looked like a very professional job when complete.

More in the archives...

Did it work? I think the jury was still out on that one. If you want engine bay cooling, few things are as effective as the K&N 57i air ducts. In fact, although I've now enclosed my airfilter, I plan to reinstate those ducts purely for engine bay cooling purposes!
Rob Bell

Being a newish "F"er,I'm no expert on body construction, but it would seem logical to get air to the engine bay from the front. Down the sills,I'm sure it could be done.[Probably could[should?] be done at production, MGR?]Or am I missing something? Regards all.
H.R. Bridge

Roy, the problem is airflow through a pipe. Resistance to flow is proportional to the radius of that pipe, raised to the power of four, and also to the length of the pipe.

So unless you had a HUGE pipe diameter (which predictably, would be difficult to package and have room for the driver and passenger), the resistance to flow would make the expense of installing such a duct pointlessly expensive for the amount of air reaching the engine bay.

Compared to this the cost of a scoop under the car, that'll achieve the same result, that'll only cost a couple of quid, and not have the packaging implications... you can see where the argument is heading ;o)
Rob Bell

You can use an Ice cream scoop.
If you shovel fast enough you can stuff lots of air around your engine.
Tony Porritt

Not as straightforward as I thought! Thanks Rob.
H.R. Bridge

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