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MG MGF Technical - uneven tickover

I've just changed the plugs and sprayed the HT leads with WD40. Now on idle it has a uneven tick over.
It idles between 800-1000Rpm(Nice) then suddenly drops but doesn't stall.

What causes can there be?.
Which sensor is the engine temperature sensor?

Ive got exactly the same problem, somebody help us please!
gary robinson

Oh, I have some magnecor HT leads on order. Do you think it could the leads or could it be a sensor/coil etc.
One thread suggested a sensor!!

Its strange how it started doing this as soon as the new plugs where put in.

I have the same problem but it does not concern me. I think it is the engine management just making slight adjustments based on sensor information. I did have a problem of lumpy tickover but this was due to a leaky inlet manifold.

If it does not actually stall I would not worry about it but you can try resetting the stepper motor.

Stepper Motor Reset Procedure:

1) Start the engine and warm up to normal working temperature.

2) Turn off ignition

3) Turn on ignition to stage II (with electric window available but don't start the engine)

4) Press the accelerator all the way down and fully release five times repeatedly.

5) Wait for at least 15 seconds and turn off ignition

6) Start the engine to see if this work.

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Ted Newman

I've just fitted the magnecor HT leads (8mm) and it started first time this morning.
This is good news as it hasn't started 1st time for days and once never started all day (BM) - before magnecor.

Also has a smooth tickover with no sudden drops.

How much are these leads and where are they from
gary robinson

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