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MG MGF Technical - uniroyal tyres,

I know tyres are a big talking point, just thought id let u know i have just had two new uniroyals put on the back, rainsport 1's, i cant control the rear of the car, it sways from side to side, happens at speed above 60mph, i was nipping my ar*e cheeks together on the motorway!! spoke to the dealer and he has heard of it before on mr2's, going for some new tyres tomorrow! ill stick with goodyear from now on,

Had the same problem a few weeks ago with Goodyear F ones. After 2 to 300 miles of running in they would probably be fine. I had been warned of the problem but it still had the same effect on the a*se cheeks. Strangely it ( the car) was still stable on corners.
Nik & Anita

New tyres just on the rear are always a problem until they,ve bedded in.. takes about 1000miles to come back to normal. I've had this with the last 2 sets of rears i bought , both goodyear. And i know Dave had a similar problem with the Bridgestones.

So it might be worth runnin them for a bit unless the dealer is doing an exchange for you..

They feel really bad for the first 500 then it slowly gets better..

Stu Dickens

I put on Avon ZV1's on the back and for the first couple of 100 miles I also noticed a bit of sway on the back. It cleared fairly quickly and they are quite good in the wet. The one problem I have noted however is the ruts on the inside lane of the motorways made by the large delivery vehicles. All freight should be transported by rail and leave the roads to MGF's
John Dickson


I fitted (well, the tyre shop did) 16" DS3's on the rear and didn't notice a scrap of difference either wet or dry, run in or not. Mr sensitive, that's me.

You could give a Uniroyals a chance, depending on what the tyre shop says (i.e. if they will take them back after you have run them for a few weeks).

Regards, Kes.

I too put the Avon's on mine, and agree that after a few hundred miles to bed in they have been a fantastic buy. A great buy for the more high milage drivers about.


I noted the same problem on this bbs with new Falkens on the rear last week.

Although not entirely gone it is getting progressively better with 300+ miles on them. I had no such problems with a previous set of nct3 replacements so Steve, Farnborough's comments on the same thread about worn suspension/ball joints may well be right.
Trevor Hobden

I had cause to replace my original rear Eagle F1 GSD2s with the new version GSD3s. Earlier BB comments had warned of the need to wear them in and the liklihood of weave, particularly on the inside lanes of motorways. After about 600 odd miles the weave effect had lessened, but on particularly badly rutted bits of road and particularly when moving out of the lane the weave was still very noticable and sometimes quite scary.

A nail in a rear tyre meant that I had to replace my rear tyres again, and this time managed to get the original spec GSD2s. The improvement in the ride was immediately noticable. The inside lane of motorways no longer hold any fear for me. Driving my TF is mega fun again!

<<particularly when moving out of the lane the weave was still very noticable and sometimes quite scary>>

Very interested you mentioned that Carole.

I recently had the opportunity to drive a TF160 and this is exactly what I experienced.

The owner had recently had the rear tyres replaced, and was having difficulties getting the garage to fix the problem.

There seemed to be a slightly misbalanced wheel, with the common symptom of a vibration occuring through the steering wheel at a specific speed. (I've had this on my own "F" which was resolved by getting the tyre removed and reseated.)

However much more noticable than this was a horrible feeling that occurred quite frequently when traversing lanes.
This wasn't anything to do with tramlining, which this specific car did significantly.

This was more a "swaying" body-roll kind of feel, as the car seemed to "wobble" before regaining stability.
It almost felt like one of the wheels was "loose" and about to fall off.

I am still convinced that there is something wrong with the suspension setup (worn ball joint, suspension arm bearing etc) but I haven't been able to check this yet. The tyres have had quite a few miles put on them so far, without any improvement.

(On a side note, I was very impressed with the TF160, a big improvement on the F. would I swap it for my modified F?? not a chance ;-) )

paul weatherill

I had Yokohama A539's fitted all round on mine a couple of months back, cost approx 260 inc fitting from online company.

I don't have a lot of experience with rear wheel drive car's (i'm 21 and this is my first F), but they certainly feel fine. Most of my trip to work is on dual carriageway.

I thought I had better get new tyres as had on original Goodyear on the front, a Michelin on the front, and some dodgy chep make on the rear. Handling was s**t!

I hope no-one is going to tell me i've made a big mistake by choosing Yoko's!!!
Ian Hamshaw

Jut an update, had goodyear nct5's fitted,(i know they are'nt liked by many), but the problem i had with the uniroyal's has completly vanish! fells good to be in control of the rear end again,

Hmm... I noticed the comments about NCT5s on earlier threads too. I had them fitted to the rear when my MoT was due and desparately phoning around (I had ordered some Toyos but one of the lads in the shop had let them go to another customer >:( grrr...). 20 cheaper at tyrespot than Veg Rardy were going to charge. Anyhow, they were an instant improvement and needed no bedding in at all. Taking bends at stupid speeds even in the wet and rounding roundabouts with no hint of "losing it". Seem good to me.
Steve Madden

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