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MG MGF Technical - Unusual A series Block

I am currently restoring a 1972 MG midget. The car came as a pile of bits and I am puzzled by engine block. On all A series engines the oil filter is located towards the crankshaft pully and is fed from a pipe towards the back of the block. The engine that came with the car is not. The oil filter screws onto a large boss cast into the top rear of the block, which places the filter at the back of the block tilting towards the rear of the car.

There is no engine number stamped on the block, althought the registration certificate quotes and engine number of

Can anyone help.
Niall Smiddy

Neil, the engine # on the docs looks original (except it is 12G/586F/.....) but you have a Marina/ Ital block fitted. Further Qs to the Midget section please !

Ah! the old A series - now there was an engine

But didn't the Marina have a Triumph derived engine not an A series?


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Some of us had a life before MGF.

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brian, no the Marina had the A series in 1.3 form and the B series in 1.8 form. The gearbox was ex-Triumph, a variation on that found in the Midget 1500.

it's great to be exclusive:-))) Not many here.
BTW was in Belgium last w/e.

Sounds like a reman engine - even Rover used Marina blocks for midget reman due to the lack of inline 1275 blocks of that type (only used in 1275 Midget/Sprite)
Terry Cox

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