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MG MGF Technical - ::update:: False Economy ::update::

Well. After 2 tanks of fuel the increase in tyre pressure has not changed anything. Next is to clean the oil filter. Anyone know where I can get a K&N Cleaning kit online. I have looked on the usual suspects and can't find one.

Also, Tim Jenner suggested a possible dragging brake. I am starting to think that this is now more likely as I have now started to get the dodgy handbrake light scenario and the handbrake lever seems to be 'standing proud' (oo-er).

Will still try the filter first as it's cheaper, but I think brakes are looking like the real problem.
Phil Brindley (Work)

Phil, give the car a good run, and coast to a stop, go around the car feeling the wheels, if one is much hotter than the others then you have a binding brake.
Will Munns


The "dodgy handbrake light" thing is usually down to cable adjustment (in my case, the cable was too loose but it's possible that yours is too tight?). Easy to check, just pop out the centre console cubby box and there's an adjuster. With the handbrake fully off there should be a little bit of slack in the cable.

Tim Jenner

Filter cleaning kits can be had from B&G or Phil. :o)
Rob Bell

But it's an air filter oiling kit, not cleaning the oil filter!
Will Munns

why bother - just replace the filter. ~ 6
Steve Ratledge

because it's a mistype, he means cleaning the (K&N) airfilter wich is ~50
Will Munns

I used to wash mine in washing up liquid, then re-soak in fluid(Incidentally I think that PiperCross are better filters they are foam rather than cotton and much easier to clean, they reckon to flow more air also )

Michael barnfather

Halfords should sell K&N cleaning kits or at least the bigger stores with the ripspeed sections.

Tom Randell @ work

Nice one guys, thanks. Might try and have a look at that handbrake cable over lunch.

Will's right, did mean the air filter. still got the Mini oil filter on the brain D'oh.

Time to get shopping for the cleaning kit then.

As always, many thanks again for the info, I'll continue to keep you posted.


PS. Sorry if the updates seem a bit boring but I often find that people ask questions, half a doz. solutions are posted, but the person never comes back and says what worked and what didn't in their case. so that's why I am doing this :-D
Phil Brindley (Work)

"Nice one guys, thanks. Might try and have a look at that handbrake cable over lunch"

It's an easy fix Phil. Did mine yesterday. Get to it through the storage box in the centre console which simply pops out. It's a bit awkward for those of us with bricklayers hands; a long screwdriver is useful to hold the cables still whilst you apply torque to the adjustement nut.
Oh and try not get the socket stuck on the damn nut :-/

(Guess by the time you read this you might have done it!)
Cannonball Bob

LOL, nope got out there and remembered that I took all the tools out of the car on saturday to maximise boot space for MiniWorld45 yesterday ;-)

I'll have a go when I get home some the hints are still useful thanks.
Phil Brindley (Work)


If you do need to adjust the handbrake, you'll need to use a socket and not a spanner. There's not enough space to get a half turn using a spanner, and it's spring loaded so will just bounce back as soon as you take the spanner off to move it round a flat!

Tim Jenner

Thanks guys, adjusted the handbrake so that it now sits down bit (back to where it should be). It actually needed tightening so could be unrelated to the fuel issue. Will have a blast later and try Wills warm wheel theory out, but the car does not seem to pull at any wheel. Soon see though.

As ever, thanks again and I'll keep you posted.


PS. Paul Lathwell, if you're reading this, the handbrake light/adjustment might be worth putting into the FAQ. It's a very annoying & common problem and takes a few mins and a socket set to fix :-D
Phil Brindley

This thread was discussed on 05/04/2004

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