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MG MGF Technical - url for cheap K&N please

HI would whoever posted the url for the 70 quid K&N please repost the url as I cant find the thread through the search engine !!
cheers....... Jon
Jon (NSE 81V)
David Clelland

David, you thinking about buying one?



I'm not thinking of getting one but Stu Gray fitted one yesterday and that's where he bought it from.

See you Sunday - hope work on car went OK.

David Clelland

Where on the site do you find the KN filter

Don't know but I'm sure that's where Stu bought his. Can only suggest that you contact them.
David Clelland


I posted the original note ref the K&N, the guy I spoke to was Daniel Garlic (pretty helpful) give him a call on 07092 374 656 and I'm sure he will be able to get one out to you.

He can also supply superchips etc if anyone is interested - possibly my next purchase!!!



Cheers for your help ! ......... Jon
Jon (NSE 81V)

This thread was discussed on 26/03/2003

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