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MG MGF Technical - VIC

It turns out my bargain car has been written off in the past, for a damaged door!

I have just found out it has a VIC marker on it, so I have booked it in for a test.

I have checked the VIN number and it matches all the MOT certificates and the registration document, it has a current MOT and Tax, so it is road worthy.

fingers crossed.
R McGeown

Nothing is tested at a VIC test just the identification of the car, I went with a van I had it took all of 5 minutes to do and they charged about 70.
Gary Luxon

Hi Gary, thanks for confirming that.

Was the van commercial? I have paid 41.
R McGeown

It was a fiat Scudo. had a rear shunt, only damaged to the right hand rear door but was written of by a rip off insurance company. Fitted a new door via eBay back on the road for 75 plus the VIC test, insurance said over 3000 to repair, I paid them 25 for the van back as scrap, and they tried to offer me 120 for it as a write off, after a fight I got 1200. I only got it Vic tested because if you don't, you never get tax reminders until it has been confirmed as that vehicle back on the road.
Gary Luxon

Thats my problem, I need a tax reminder and new V5C with my name on it as I have just bought it.



R McGeown

Unfortunately this is becomming more and more common.

My mgtf is 9 years old and whilst on a hill, the rear caliper obviously was only pretending to work.

So when I got out all was fine, but when I got back it had rolled down the hill (only 20 feet or so) straight into back of a Vauxhall Aglia.

The bumper was bashed and cracked and headlights broken but wings were fine.

Insurance company said repair was more than car was worth.

Its only got 30,000 miles (as owned car for last 9 years) and only driven to train station and back.

But the cars are just not worth anything

Managed to argue with Insturance co, and they said with the low miles they would repair it, so lucky this time.
b buick

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