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MG MGF Technical - volumetric sensor

I purchased a mgtf without volumetric alarm fitted. Vendor told me that it's only a problem. It say me that the standard (peripheral) alarm is sufficient. It say that it beeps when somebody crash glass or make hard movement on door openers (are this info right? I think not, I think alarm beeps when somebody *open* somewhat!)
I'm thinking about fitting an alarm sensor to fully protect my car. I think it's very useful to protect car overall when is without hardtop (now).
Do you suggest me to do it or not?
Do you know where can I find volumetric sensor apart MGRover dealer? (this volumetric sensor is fitted in other mgrover vehicles?).


>Do you suggest me to do it or not?

Hi 'member' :)

I'm sorry for beeing a bit sarcastic. *DE prejudice, may be*

If I would visit *some* regions of Italy and let the car park outside of a locked garage... I would go for an independent second system.
So YES to the first question.
Regarding the second, get any system you can find at aftermarket alarmsystem suppliers. OEM products are always crap and only provide the protection which insurance companies ask for.
The OEM systems are as well almost very common at thieves. They only have to rent once an original car and look up how to overcome with any strategy.
Any different non standard makes them troubles and thieves don't like any trouble while working.

Dieter K.

do you know where can I purchase it instead of in a MGRover dealer shop?

I know official dealers are expansive, so I want to search for it in other place. Do you know if this sensor are fitted in other mgrover cars? I know that some article are the same but cost less or more if are ordered for a Rover200 or a Rover600 so I think they costs much if ordered by mgtf (*spider*) owner.

Thanks, and forgive me if I disturb you again.

Just go to some car audio / car alarm shops and ask them to install a separate alarm on top of your current MG alarm. My car has an original MG alarm + CODE immobiliser/alarm + impact sensor + dual zone motion sensor on top for protection of my car.

Never been broken into (I park in safe areas + garage at home) / and you can leave your car roof open happily.

Worth the money me thinks.

Make sure you find a good installer, any alarm (even the most expensive ones) with sh*t install doesn't mean anything. You really need a good install with alarms. So theives take at least good 2 mins to disengage the alarm.
Hanah Kim

I leave my car in my garage and in front of me when I'm at work. I think installing a new system is too invasive and expansive for me.


We can leave our cars with the top down, compared to Europe we get sod all break-ins unless it's a Subaru. I re-connected the volumetric sensor in our Rover - disconnected it after a couple of days - drove us mad - too sensitive. Don't have the volumetric in the MG - thought about it but at $700 decided to pass on it.

AFAIK you can pick up the sensor from MGF centre/Midland MGF, but you will need a Dealer to calibrate it. This is the easiest way, but as Dieter says, if you are looking for protection then an aftermarket system may not be much more expensive and better "value for money"

Will Munns

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