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MG MGF Technical - volumetric sensor

please, see this two pictures:

I have YWC105910, I have to install it in my mgtf. To fit it how shown in the second picture is impossible: I think the 2nd photo shows an old mgf volumetric sensor version. Infact wire connection is in the right top corner. If you try to install sensor shown in 1st picture you see that connection isn't in right top corner but in left-top corner or in the rigth-low one(if you rotate volumetric sensor).

So I have a doubt: how to fit it? Have I to install it with connection in wich corner (how I have to rotate volumetric sensor)?

what the arrow shows? have you seen the arrow present on the label (under bar-code)? it show towards down or up? the direction to follow to fit volumetric sensor or the direction the volumetric sensor follows to "listen" the car environment and to locate thieves?

please help me. In few days I have to disassemble my t-bar to fit rear speakers so I want to install correctly the volumetric sensor too.


The pictures on Dieter's site match the installation in my F, so i assume the TF is different.

This is how Scarlet's sensor was installed:

>> <<

Blue multiplug plugs into the top right hand corner of the sensor box (as you look at it).

Scarlet Fever

cnerone, do you have any pictures of the area in your car (under the T-bar), and the volumetric sensor that you've bought?

Probably just me, but I'm having some difficulty visualising the problem... :o/
Rob Bell

My sensor was fitted 'arrow up' with the multiplug on the top right.

I suspect that there is more than one version of the sensor, maybe for right or left hand drive cars (although why this would be necessary escapes me).

You are right, the two sensors shwon in Dieter's photographs ARE handed, but the arrow should point up in both cases.

What this means for you is that if you have a sensor like my one, you need to run the cable up the right hand side of the drop down bin and install the sensor with the arrow pointing up and the multiplug in the top right hand corner.

If you have a sensor like the one in Dieter's first picture, then you need to run the cable up the left hand side of the drop down bin and install the sensor with the arrow pointing up and the multiplug in the top left hand corner.

Well spotted, i didn't realise they were handed, i knew about the different shape multiplugs, denoted by colour (blue and white - incedentally it looks like there is a black one as well from Dieter's first photo), but the fact that there were different handed sensors as well is a new one on me.

Scarlet Fever

is from the late 1997 (bought and dismantled wreck).
The other is from VIN 05712, similar to SF, 1996 made. Both are different.
The connectors are different, but there is a *conversion cable* availiable.

No idea about the look at the TF...

Dieter K.

when I'll unassemble t-bar to fit rear speakers I'll make photo about volumetric sensor. And I'll post to you.


This thread was discussed on 19/06/2003

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