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MG MGF Technical - VTEC?

These people fit VTEC engines to Minis using the K series Metro subframe:

Makes you wonder abot an F installation...
Peter Duxbury

The VTEC has also been installed into the Elise too - so an F fitment should certainly be possible. If expensive :o(
Rob Bell

Have received the following response from Watsons:

"We do a kit to accept a civic type R motor and 6 speed box. 1750 plus VAT. I see no reason why this should not fit an MGF. There are slight differences in the mountings of the frame so it would be better to use a MGF frame to start ioff with, WE would have to talk and also measure up the engine bay to see which motor would fit best."
Peter Duxbury

Kit price inclusive of engine? Seems incredibly cheap! Are you thinking of going for it Peter?
Rob Bell


I would, but I'm not terribly sure if my insurer would look on the modification sympathetically.

On the other hand, the F's engine would go very nicely in my Mini - Watson's do a K series kit for the Mini too.

A VTEC F and a K series Mini would probably result in total insurance hell.

Then again, you only live once.
Peter Duxbury

My midget insurance only went up by about 40 after fitting a 1.6 K series. you can prolly get it insured as a kit car.
Will Munns

You *know* it makes Peter! ;o) LOL
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 31/12/2003 and 06/01/2004

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