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MG MGF Technical - VVC Cold Starting

Ok...I guess the answer to this is gonna be related to the auto-choke...but I would appreciate any advice.

At least 2 times week my car has taken up to 10 minutes to start - and when it did start it was initialy a bit lumpy.
has anyone else had this ??? and was it the auto-choke ?

by the way...I had the car serviced 2 weeks was fine prior to this.....but then again, it has only just recently got cold in the south in the mornings.



Would suggest that you have the plugs examined/changed and also the plug leads. Both these can give difficult starting on damp mornings. Plug gaps need to be set 0.8mm. If plug leads are old then get them changed for some magnecor ones.

Which service was done recently?

Also look at the clues that you supplied <<I had the car serviced 2 weeks was fine prior to this.....>> Take it back and complain.

Only recently gone cold in the south in the mornings? I can't believe that!

Bruce Caldwell

Thanks Bruce.....

I'll try the plugs and leads as I think they are the original ones an dthe car is now 3 yrs old.

The servic eI had done was the annual Major service.......

ive only had the car for about a month so mty reference to teh cold mornings was literally relating to the time I have had the car....I should have made it more clear.

Thanks again.



In our experience we have found that plug leads need replacement after approx. 40K also it is essential that after the leads are fitted they are correctly positioned into the securing clips at the rear of the engine (i.e near the seats, the bit you can't see) if they aren't we have known problems to arise, i.e bad starting still persists even with new leads!!

Pete White
Service Manager.
Skinners MG Rover
East Sussex
Peter White

It's nice to see a MGR dealer giving some input. Keep it up please.

Peter..many thanks for the advice...

This is exactly the kind of thing that you need honest advice about...I would never have know about the plug leads otherwise.


Don't forget the archive which contains so much information you would 'drown' before reading it all.

The repeated nature of this problem over the years, and the common cure shows up very quickly as well.

Roger Parker

Roger.....This is a newbie question...but how do I view the archive ??

many thanks


Stevie, you have to register with the BBS, you will be taken to a members only page with links to the archive and the BBS. Or underneith the "Jump to" pull down at the top of the page a tiny blue link marked "archive"


Will Munns

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