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MG MGF Technical - VVC Engine cut out, no new start

sometimes I beleave I am a kind of 'fault solenoid'.
I met on Friday afternoon on a Motorways side neer Dormagen an MGF.
Hazard lights twinkling. Two person inside. (My age)

Oh, Oh, I thought and stopped in front of them. Took my digicam, went to the poor MGFs rear side, while the driver got out.

Phuuuu, no green stuff under the car <g> no damp coming out of the engine. :))))))

The driver told me that suddenly the engine lost power and cut out. No new start possible. Ok, nothing to see for the digicam.

Oh, friends was that codriver (his wife) angry ... sh*t MGF ... we sell it... so much problems, new tank, crossmember bar welded and some more known niggles..

I had a lot of work (talked to her with smiling face) to get her a little cooled down.
Then a Land-Rover from Rover Herrmann arrived. Inside his best mechanic. He laught as he saw me there, no wonder, eyhhh.

Hi tried some rattles at cables etc. but gave up and towed the MGF to the 3 miles ahead Rover garage.
I drove there too, because I wanted to catch up my new hydragas-unit for the incredible change.
The grumbling of the wife went on. He was silent. She was a dutch, but that was not the reason for her angry mind <g>.
They wanted to reach Cologne for purchasing some cloth for him. He had taken extra a day of vacancy for this day.
The mechanic and I had our fun in entertaning her with turning her arguments to the opposite, like:
Don't bother, see how much money you spent today NOT for clothes,
Don't bother the repaired faults. This is OK now at your car etc.
Don't bother this because that etc.
In general we tried to make her mind thinking positive :o)

No idea wether we saved a MGF ownership.
I was at Rover Herrmann this morning to bring back the blown hydragas unit...

Their MGF stood still lifted in the garage.
Not repaired, no failure found in 2 hours on Friday.

I asked the workshop head what that could be. He said. We've checked everything that could be done (electricals), with Testbook, no failure, ignition sparks OK, etc.
I thinks that could be a failure in ECU.

Any other ideas ?
Its a 1997 VVC, VIN app 18xxx.

PS. I haven't searched the archiv, sorry.

maybe future MGFs should have a reset-button on the ECU unit ;-)
Dirk Vael

This thread was discussed between 08/01/2000 and 10/01/2000

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