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MG MGF Technical - VVC Engine Rattle

Hi there
I've just bought a '99 VVC - 17K on the clock (I hope!) Maybe it's because I've never had an MG before, maybe I'm just paranoid that the dealer has clocked it..but the engine seems very noisy. Not so much on normal driving - but when starting up it gives a real rattle - sounds like a diesel starting on a cold morning. Is this normal??! When idling - the engine sounds noisy to me - I thought that at 1,000 rpm it should be almost silent. Any thoughts anyone??

Try to look for 'tappet' or 'tappit' in the archieve.

Tappets especially on VVCs are prone to rattle.

Shouldn't worry too much about it, as long as the noise goes away later, or doesn't get louder as you build up more kms.

If you are worried, look into the archieve. :-)

Hanah Kim


My Trophy has done 5000 miles and is the same. Quietens down when warm and is very smooth and quiet when revs are increased but still is slightly nosier than you would expect on idle. Make sure the oil has been changed for the grade specified in the handbook and is up to the full mark on the dipstick. There was a recent informed posting recently here where someone involved with the design of the K series valve gear basically "told it like it is" and dispelled many other theories about noisy tappets, oil grades,etc. Well worth a read.

Enjoy the car!

Yes, Terry is right. And he is another proof!

Don't go such good oil like full synthetic. If you want to decrease the tappet noise, stick to the original 10W40 ones.

Hanah Kim

Tim, it is unlikely that you have a wear problem at this mileage more likely a oil change as suggested will help.
Some higher mileage VVC's can suffer from a 'diesel' like rattle this is likely to be wear in the VVC unit.I have seen the main bearings in the end of the VVC units worn,after stripping down this has been attributed to misalignment on assembly, which will cause a premature failure.This view is based on my personal experience and is not intended to offer a definative answer to your problem which is likely to be solved by a oil and filter change.
For those suffering from a VVC 'dieseling' we hope to be able to source the bearings for these to offer a reconditioning service.HTH

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