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MG MGF Technical - VVC Engine Re-chip

Was thinking of combining a re-chip with the K&N 57i kit for some decent extra welly on the VVC.

Would like to know if anybody has had any experience with a re-chip on the VVC Engine? I've seen 2 companies advertising a re-chip - Superchips and Moto-Build. Any good? One better than the other? Worth the money? Noticable side-effects?



K&N excellent idea - best bang for buck in the F upgrade area.

Re chipping - some people say they have fitted and they are good other have had their engine blow up after fitting these.

I however would never trust a bunch of kids operating in a shed to mess around with the electronic engine controls on my car. It just aint worth the risk.


Agreed, if you want to start modding for extra power on the VVC then go the air-filter and exhaust route, beyond this a MPI makes much more sense. Personally I have a VVC with K&N + Pheonix exhaust and find the power enough for what I want.
Paul Lathwell

I agree with the two above, there have been a number of chip'd 'Fs that end up with a new engine. Car engines these days are tuned *reasonably* well anyway, without major re-engineering work you aren't going to get a big increase in power that is reliable, IMO.

Its just not worth it. Stick a K&N on, decent exhaust, new exhaust manifold (EBD - 400) and you'll be laughing. That lot would make quite a difference, then get the brakes & suspension done and you'll be sorted ;)

Seriously, I wouldn't chip the car - it could be cheaper in the long run just to go and get a supercharger convertsion by Turbo Technics at 5,000.

Steve Childs

>>>> it could be cheaper in the long run just to go and get a supercharger convertsion by Turbo Technics at 5,000.>>>>>

Call me a jinx but the only two cars I have actually seen in the flesh with this conversion dropped a cylinder in front of me!!


Roger Parker

Roger, there was one at Bruntingthorpe that did that, probably one of the two you mean.

Kinda put me off doing it as well. Well, the way MGR are taking their time putting one into production kinda tells me that its something that really shouldn't be done without serious thought.

Oh, and the price tag put me off ;) About 4500 too much =)

Steve Childs

The MGF owner I know with a supercharger is having problems with his and wishes he hadn't bothered.

He has got problems with the new ECU not interacting properly with the MEMS on his early YR2000 VVC. Does anyone know if the VVC MEMS was changed between MK1 and YR2000?

Turbo Technics say that they haven't heard from the Nightfire Red owner who had problems at Bruntingthorpe so maybe his problems weren't supercharger related - or TT are telling porkies.


Best wait for the MG-Rover engine then- soon to be seen in a ZS near you soon- and hopefully in the MGF too...
Rob Bell

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