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MG MGF Technical - VVC sounds like a tractor!

Dear All, my 2000 vvc went in for a service yesterday, had oil change etc etc, and now the engine sounds like a tractor.

Can anyone help?
A Hall

When cold check oil level, If good (at or just below max) then have a high engine speed blat, this should pump back up the tappets.

unless you had the cam belt changed, in which case I would be worried and take it back.
Will Munns

No cam belt change...that is next year!!!!(yikes)
A Hall

Diesel type of knocking not unusual on the early vvc's. Apparently the engineering of the cam mechanism is not entirely accurate. I bought my 1997 vvc second hand and only noticed the knocking a few days later. I've ignored it and had 5 years of no engine problems (I am touching wood when I type this - sods law)
G Jones

Engineering of the Cam mechanism is fine.

What is not fine is that Rover and it's dealers had an outburst of using a hammer to bash the unit on.

It is actually a "shaped" (can't remember technical name!)fit.

Hammer use severly limits VVC mechanism life.

This thread was discussed between 30/03/2004 and 02/04/2004

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