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MG MGF Technical - VVC Ticking/Low Power

Thought everything was going too smoothly...
i have a 96 VVC, only minor mods (52mm TB, MS exhaust, K&N Apollo), car suffered HGF last December and i repaired myself and all has been hunky doory since. On monday i notice a ticking on start up that increased with RPM. Immediately checked oil level which was fine and noise seemed to be coming from Head on O/S. Very little power at low RPM almost stalling when coming to a stop, however at high RPM (4000+) Power seems fine and engine pulls though with horrible noise. Yesterday i flushed engine and chaned the oil in case of dry follower. Not really sure what to look at next, would assume its something to do with the VVC mech any suggestions more than welcome!
S Collis

That kind of noise suggests mechanical impact is occurring, perhaps in a 'valve not closing fully' kind of way. If that is the case, turning the engine slowly by hand with the cam cover removed should identify which valve, or if you have access to a compression tester that would do the same. I'd also unbolt the timing belt cover and check the timing hasn't moved and the belt is correctly tensioned - a failed tensioner isn't unheard of. Likewise the rear belt for the VVC mechanism.

Good luck...

thanks, will do so tonight and report my findings!
S Collis

well compression is fine on all cylinders. Will check timing belts tonight...
S Collis

Does sound like a failed or stuck hydraulic cam follower. Had similar after car had stood through last winter but cleared up once the oil found its way into the follower

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