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MG MGF Technical - VVC tuning what next???

My VVC has MS vader cold air kit, MS daytona Quad and MS decat pipe. What do you guys and girls recommend next. your expert advice would be very much appreciated. i would also like to get into the essex MG scene but can't make thursdays any other days available?? essex roadsters???

You did ask ;-)

Will Munns

Thanks, but i was thinking more in the line of what can i buy to bolt on, relatively cheaply!!

52mm TB if it doesnt already have one

Uprated FPR

magnecor leads

Remove exhaust manifold and remove internal welding clag

None of those will make a massive difference but they all add up.

Thats about the limit for bolt on parts.
Bob Millar

You haven't completed the 'bolt - on' potential yet MW:

1. "Trophy" 52mm throttle body
2. Janspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold (Mike Satur sells these, as do MG X-Power)
3. Uprated fuel pressure regulator (the amount of benefit you get from one of these depends on the fuelling of your car in 'open loop' mode - a decent RR should give you more information to work on
4. A warmer exhaust cam

Then you can visit Dave Andrews and get him to port and polish your head for 180+ highly tractible horses! :o)

How far you get through this list, and how much further beyond it you go, is going to be all down to budget...
Rob Bell

Unless we are on a tour / trip / event etc, our regular meets are the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month. This of course doesn't help you :-(

Not sure what to suggest really, we meet twice a month because people tend to have mid-week commitments on a monthly basis as opposed to weekly and to date (since 1998) it has worked well with people usually able to make at least one of them. :-(

Scarlet Fever

This thread was discussed on 28/04/2004

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