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MG MGF Technical - Wanted - Broken Headlamps

Wanted - Broken headlamps

Anyone know where I can get hold of some broken MGF headlamps. I'm particularly after the reflective inner section so I can try painting them. I've read and and seen pictures of this recently and thought it might be worth a try although I'd rather do it to some spare lights first.

If anyone has tried it I'd be interested in knowing how you got on.


Have a chat with fellow Yorkshireman, Richard Eaton. He resprayed his reflectors using Plasticoat 'Chrome' paint - apparently it worked well. Thread was on the general section about a month ago - it'll be in the archives. :o)
Rob Bell

I have a set of mgf headlights!!!
She failed the mot last month on a very poor beam so we had to replace them, other than that there is nothing wrong with the lense, fitments etc, sounds like just what you want?
tony thomas

This thread was discussed between 19/04/2005 and 20/04/2005

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