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MG MGF Technical - Warning lights ON & flat battery ????

I do't get to do many journeys in the MGF as it is a 3rd car and stays in the garage in bad weather.
So after a trip of about 20 miles driving in town the lights started to appear on the dash board !!
First the ABS light, then the power steering and then the SRS light. At this point I had no power steering and just managed to get the car onto the drive.
The headlights were very dim and when I switched them off the idle speed picked up a bit.
I switched off the engine and now it wont start as battery is flat.
This happenned two weeks ago and I though it was cured by a new battery - obviously not.
Is this a charging fault or ECU fault ????
Could this be alternator defect or fan belt fallen off?
(I will need to jack up car to remove ORS wheel to check if alternator & fan belt are intact.
Any Ideas or similar experiences?)


Had similar symptoms with mine a couple of years ago. Discovered that the main battery lead had come off the alternator and was making intermittent contact only. Could have caused a fire if it shorted to earth.

Take the engine cover off and carefully check the thick lead to the alternator. Disconnect the battery (negative) before doing any remedial work, if you find this is the problem.

Other faults could be in the alternator itself ie not charging.

good luck

Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed on 10/02/2003

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