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MG MGF Technical - Washer Jets

One of my washer jets packed up last night so I've ordered chrome ones from B&G. anyone fitted these before? I'm assuming it is very straightforward.


They are indeed very easy to fit BUT a complete BASTARD to adjust the jets.
Tim Sanders

Tim's almost right - it is very easy to adjust the jets - it is just impossible to adjust them so they point in the right direction.

They are a complete triumph of style over substance. They squirt a much thicker slower jet and you deserve a prize if you can get all four jets to land on the screen at once, especially at more than one driving speed.

But they look luvverly, and I wouldn't change mine for the world. Forget your K&Ns and your windstops - these are THE essential mod.

David "home of chrome" Bainbridge

David Bainbridge

this all depends on the pressure being pushed through them.
Mine are chrome and at present have as much power as an mx5. Will be adding a second pump to increase the power shortly.


Well installing them was a snap. I can now skoosh pedestrians and on the odd occasion my windscreen, they do look nice though!

Washer jets packed up so you bought new ones? Bloody hell, I cleaned mine... mind you, now I have to clean the other side to equalise the pressure.

Ed Clarke

>>>>. I can now skoosh pedestrians and on the odd occasion my windscreen

It makes your car very sociable on the motorway - you get you wash your screen and those of all the cars around you. Try 'em next time you pull up alongside a Z3 with the roof down (so that'll probably be in 2008, then)
David Bainbridge

This thread was discussed between 05/07/2001 and 11/07/2001

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