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MG MGF Technical - Water leak in footwell - any ideas


After heavy rain, my passenger footwell gets very wet. I was wondering if anyone had advice on where to check for leaks.

It is not coming from the door or hood, I suspect is is leaking from behind the dashboard (perhaps the air intake between the bonnet and windscreen?) as the carpet seems wet all the way behind the dashboard.

Any ideas on what to check?



Are you still running you original *F*?

On some of the early models there was a problem with the seals around the air intake box for the heater, not diffivult to fix but a bit fiddly.

Ted Newman


I had the same problem after washing my car last week-end with a high pressure jet (Kärcher). As I was hoovering the carpet, I realised that the passenger footwell was flooded ! I wonder where the water is passing through.

Thanks to those who could help us. My 1.8mpi was born in November 1997, is it considered as one of the early models ?

Jerome (the girlfriend had her feet wet on sunday !)

Dear Jérôme,

My car was Aug 95, so your Nov 97 is a young baby in comparison! It started life as a 1.8i and is currently a VVC. Soon it will have its 100,000 mile birthday.

Anyway, thanks to Ted for the suggestion. I have just had to fix a leak from the shower and still have some flexible bath sealent - should be just the job to block off a leak!


From personal experience I totally agree with Ted's diagnosis; passenger foot-well water ingress = failed heater intake seal.

However, do not forget that leaks can creep in from else where- particularly from the bottom of the door trim because of window misalignment or a problem with water drainage...

Rob Bell

Theres a couple of ways to go about checking for leaks the best way is to remove the carpet on the passenger footwell remove the sound insulation dry it out throuly while drying carpet get hold of a decent torch look around the footwell area to see if there is any obvious signs of staining the next move is to get some water on the suspect area do not spray directly into the area put the water on the wind screen and let it find its own way in as rain would, the next move is to spray under the wheel arch area and see what happens try to work your way round in a logical manner and try to seal the leak from outside rather than from within. all the time checking with your torch itis easier to have two pepole doing this task.
mark the tech

if you are not sure where the water gets into the footwell, here an additional point.

Is your doorsealing already cutted twice in the area where the chrome plate starts / ends ?
This little product change was done app in 97 and added by several UK dealers for free, because they read the MG bulletins.
Those cuts are app 1cm gaps and should lead water out of the inner area of the sealing if it poors down the doors.


Update on the leaks...

I now realise that I have two leaks, one from under the dashboard which only leaks when the car is parked up a slope (bonnet higher than boot). The second leak is from somewhere under the speaker area and only happens when the car is pointing down a slope. It the car is on level ground then I have no leaks!

I think Ted has the answer to the first leak. Dieter, you mentioned about the door seal and chrome plate - could you please give some more info where to make a cut (I dont have any cuts in the seal, also the chrome strip was fitted by the dealer at the first service).



I think it should also be mentioned in this context that the air conditioning can also be a source of water in the passenger's footwell (it may be used when it rains to help demisting): check that the little rubber tube at the bottom of the airconditioning box in the footwell is properly fitted. I fixed mine with a small garden hose thing.


please wait a little, I've got a MG-bulletin anywhere on that cuts and will post a grafic to any webspace (this night if its urgent)

I had a look only once to this detail and remember them as app 1 cm width and 1 cm deep gaps. In the upper week area of the doorsealing (area is like a pipe). Position is app there where the the chrom plate starts and ends (app 400mm distance)

Who cares, why doesn't a 97 or younger MGF friend describe where the gaps are ? :o)

Come on friends !!
Some pictures are required, best of someone who got them late in 98 by the manufacturer.



>why doesn't a 97 or younger MGF friend describe where the gaps are ? :o)

The problem is, the F sleeps all week long in the garage, waiting for the week-end to come (I go to work by train ... traffic jam in Paris is not what I prefer for my F) ! I'll have a look this week-end.

Dieter > FYI, I fitted my external temp. sensor the same way you did (seal door and then under the bonnet) and it's fine !


Nov97 MGF

Hot info,
just arrived from 'anywhere' ;-)

and other 'wet footers' *g*.
Check your VIN !

Above VIN 23992 the heater assembly sealing was changed & the air housing was changed to JKQ 100180 to prevent from water leaks to the footwell.

Should run under goodwill IMO ;-)

PS. will get a long night in updating the VIN webside.


hups ... and the next one 'first hand info' from anywhere...

Only if the aircon is installed at modells of about until the end of 98 IMO. Should also be done under goodwill, if applicable.

If water lesks to the footwell and aircon is installed

- pull back the carpet in the footweel just until you can release the aircons 'evaporator hose'.
- pull the hose out of the floor, but let it connected at the avaporator.
- see the hose ends small port (slot) at the end of the hose (non return valve) and cut with a scissor two exculpation slots into the hose. Meaning: make the existing port to the right and left side 'longer'
- refit the hose to the floor and flap back the carpet.

Picture follows.
Sorry about the above wrong language VIN-site link. The 'right' one is


so, the last one 'precise' ;-) info on the gaps in the door sealing.

Water leaks to the footwell, doorsealing until VIN 21575

- open the door and locate the point where the both sealing parts meet (app in the middle)
- measure 245mm backwards and mark this point,
- measure 400mm forwards and mark that point
- mark again beside thes points a distance of 10mm
-pull off the sealing from the door sill
- cut out with a very sharp knife only the hollow area of the sealing 10mm wide parts. attention on not cutting the carrier material of the sealing and make clean non fringed cuts.

Thats all for today.
thanks to for translation
PS I see a lot of spelling failures :), but hope you don't bother. 'evaporator' & 'leaks' i.e

Ahhhm, just an idea: ;-)

why not have a look at the fixture of the brake pedal assembly and the main clutch cylinder fixture, if you own an MGF below VIN 500389 ?

Someone told me that until that VIN non sealed screws where used and it could sometimes be possible that water leaks along the screws thread.
The only thing you need to do (or let it do by your surely friendly dealer):
Change at first the two screws of the clutch cylinder and use the new sealed ones with part No. LYG10040. You need to move the wiper mechanic to reach them.

And if you like then as next the six srews of the brake assembly plate to the new sealed ones FS106165.



>Above VIN 23992 the heater assembly sealing was changed

Hey King Dieter, mine is 23915 and it had already the new heater assembly ;-)

Also noted was the extra rubber rings around the rear mirror handles, not found on earlier Fs...

see my F VIN data in yer mailbox...
Dirk Vael

Jep, Soldier Dirk, :)

thanks for participation and mailed hints on failures.

According to the stated changes here and on the webside...

That are only stated figures.
Some personell in Longbridge seamed to have another meaning on production changes. *g* So its possible that some earlier new heater assemblies appear and similar some later built cars have the old one :)

We know about the same little problem from the windowstop change.

Before flames appear... Such little product change problems are common not only in car factories.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Over the weekend I made the cuts in the rubber door seal, I also sealed around the heater as well as possible (without dismantling too much of the car).

For once it has not rained, but spraying water with a hosepipe did not cause any leaks.


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