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MG MGF Technical - Water / Temperature Questions

Hi Guys,

Ok, I've had my ' 2001 F' for a week and have a couple of questions

This was the first time I used it for work this morning , a nice sedate trip of 26 miles, pulled on to the car park and noticed ;

1. The FAN's kicked in immediately
2. Water temp was fine , oil temp was 100 - 110 c
3. Water in the expansion tank was boiling

Is this all standard behaviour ?

Many thanks in advance for all replies....
R Willetts

See what level the water settles at, if it is still normal then you caught it just in time and your radiator is probably unable to lose enough heat.
Many possible reasons for this - internal clogging or external corrosion most likely; but good news replacement is relatively cheap and easy using modern aluminium TF ones.

Water level is normal...

However this car did have a new head gasket about two weeks ago - so wondering if the coolant was changed - looks rough and or if the system needs bleeding .......?
R Willetts

Water boiling with an essentially 'normal' coolant temperature reading suggests that the pressurised coolant system isn't pressurised. Most likely needs a replacement expansion tank cap?
Rob Bell

I'll try a cap and bleed the system to start - thanks for the responses guys ...
R Willetts

The failure to bleed the cooling system properly after a gasket repair is sadly rather common, and even mg specialists can get it wrong occasionally so fingers crossed...
There are 3 bleed points, two in the front compartment (radiator & heater matrix) and one in the engine bay for which you'll need to remove the engine cover - 10mm ratchet spanner the ideal weapon. Re-fitted hoses are susceptible to not sealing fully, so a close inspection of all the hose unions is highly recommended.

Sounds remarkably similar to my problem(s) - lets hope its not the same symptom.

As bandit says, bleed the system first and if there's air there, run it for 50 miles plus then check again. The rad valve is easy enough to access. If air/gas is present again, I'd (did) spend 30 on a 'sniffer' test which will prove it one way or another.
Chris Bond

Where abouts in Shopshire are you located ? I have no mechanical ability but is always good to have another TF owner nearby.

Art Jacks

I'm about 8 miles from Shrewsbury

Completely flushed system - must have took 100 litres before everything was clear ! - and refilled with a 50/50 mix and a new expansion tank cap

Test driving this week - we will see ...
R Willetts

Fingers crossed! :o)
Rob Bell

I am in Copthorne, watch out for a white TF, what colour should I be looking for ?
Art Jacks

It's green with a black top , usually with my wife driving it !
R Willetts

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