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MG MGF Technical - Waterproofing hood and tonneau

I searched the archives but couldn't find any recommendations for reproofing the vinyl fabric used on hoods and tonneaus. My problem for what it is, is the tonneau which is not fully waterproof and I suspect it is down to the quality of the fabric since it looks like an aftermarket item which came with the car. One chap I met suggested black waxoil carefully rubbed in whilst another suggested the reviving wax used for Barbour jackets. Any suggestions?
P.S. For waht it's worth, black waxoil is great for reviving rubber bumpers.
roger lawson

I fear you might be looking for the B board. Our hoods are mohair and oiur bumpers are body coloured GRP.
Will Munns

I assume you are talking about a B or midget. The tonneau is not water proof because of the design. On a B there are three zips and at least one on a Midge. Not having owned one I dont know how many. These zips will let water in.
To renovate the black vinyl of the hood, tonneau and rubber bumpers I have used either black shoe polish or a cockpit renovator like Armaral (sp?).
Cecil Kimber

Do a google search for 'Renovo' - excellent stuff.
Karl Woodhead

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