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MG MGF Technical - Waxoyl - Winter's on its way.

FW Mays (Chiswick) Bodyshop have just waxoyled my MGF, all in for 100GBP.

They followed the advice on this board, an build up the layers as appropriate.

If you want to follow suit I'd very much recommend you ask for Declan and mention my name.

They've done other body work there for me (after major rear end shunt required extensive repairs and repainting). All completed perfectly. Plus free courtesy car.

As always, define your requirements in writing prior to any work with any Rover Dealer.

Best wishes

V272 ROH


FW Mays 020 8996 4011



So they are OK then, get my car serviced there next week.

don't suppose you could give me a quick outline of the benefits of waxoyling



I CANNOT comment on the servicing there. I now only go to Trident Ottershaw (M3/ M25) for ALL servicing. But the separate Bodyshop at FW Mays is very good, but make sure you ask for Declan (body shop manager).

Advantages of Wayoyl.
1) Piece of mind.
2) I leave the car "on street" every night.
3) Live/work in very wet and damp part of the world.
4) High mileage (15-20K PA).
6) All cars' natural state is a "rusty mess".
7) Love car and like to think I have done best I can to look after it.
8) Any Rover dealer who comes near my car KNOWS I take any work on it very seriously, and expect the same, best, treatment from them

Best wishes

OK. 8 may be wishful thinking. I'm always optimistic.

PPS. I'd recommend you check the BSS archive about the "service" centre there. E.g search for Mays, "Chequered Flag" as I think that is what the group used to be called.

>>1) Piece of mind.
2) I leave the car "on street" every night.

Does this make the car more secure?

Chris Nevard


After the ammount of time it takes to find any space let alone a safe spot to leave your car overnight in bonny Richmond... means any extra feeling of security, however remote, is a real bonus!

Mind you, this still doesn't mean I'LL be parking the car near the White Cross on the embankment!

Best wishes
V272 ROH


Out of interest (what else?) can you give a briefish description of what was Waxoyl'd? Were any cavities (sills, wings, etc.) done, were the subframes and other underareas done apart from the floor panels, were the wheel arches done, etc? I'm just curious.

Regards, Kes.


Short answer is I can't remember.... but basically "yes" to all your points.

There was no "drilling" done... so just what is visible plus injecting into to obvious body holes... but not to cause clogging of any drainage channels etc.

I give my MGF an extra mid service at 3K... next due in a few weeks I'll get a full report of exactly what was done and to what standard then... I'll keep you posted!

Best wishes

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