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MG MGF Technical - Wet pants and homemade raingutters

Its been raining like mad in Tokyo lately and the constant dripping from the top front window onto my pant legs everytime I open the door or window is driving me insane.

Solutions I can think of are:

1) Drive without my pants on and chance getting arrested for indecent exposure
2) Wear my sailing foul weather gear inside the car
3) Pay for the softtop w/ gutters offered by Moss and other mg specialists (a bit steep at GBP350)
4) try to think up some DIY device to prevent this.

While I suffer from this warped version of the Chinese water torture and brainstorm for a cure, has anyone else thought up a solution? Does Moss or anyone else make some-kind of gutter attachment (tastefully...)?

PS first it was milky white spots on my leather seats and now its wetting my pants... good grief...

This thread was discussed on 13/06/2000

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