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MG MGF Technical - Weter Temprature guage


I have a quick question.
When I start my car up and drive it for about two miles the water temprature guage goes up to half way.
The other night I got stuck in traffic and although the fans came on on the frount and in the side pod my temprature guage had not moved from the middle. IS THIS NORMAL. I would have thought that if the tempraure of the water is rising then the guage would rise as well.



A non-technical answer from a non-technical person - basically, the water temp gauge will rise to one notch below middle after a couple of minutes and MUST stay in that position. If it goes up, you've got a problem.

The fans will come on to keep the engine (water etc.) at that constant temperature. It won't affect the position of the temperate gauge.

Emma Jackman (& Green with Envy ~ S369 FAR) <--Nothing too technicial please :-)
Emma Jackman

Be happy, it is all working EXACTLY as it is supposed to!
C.R.B. Simeon

Thanks for that I wont worry anymore

Yup, bloody stupid "gauge" so as not to upset bloody stupid people

The gauge moves below about 60, there is no movement from 60 to about 100, the fan comes on at 100 and cools to around 90, moving temp should be clamped at around 88 by the thermostat.
Somewhere over 100 the gauge moves again, if it has got this hot then there is a fault.

One day I will find out the actual numbers, the real gauge in the midget is far more useful
Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 15/11/2006

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