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MG MGF Technical - what does the BELL CRANK ASSEMBLY ?

hi all,
i need to know what does the BELL CRANK ASSEMBLY (from B&G or MS) and why is it better than the original one ?

pascandrea from Geneva


See this thread...

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It's on the General Board.

Scarlet Fever

Sorry, i missread your posting and thought it was a repeat. The one i have linked to is how to fit one, you are now asking what the differences are.

I have not compared them like for like, but the MS and B+G bell crank assemblies are redesigned to alter the behavior of the gear shift (shorter, more positive action etc).

In the case of the MS version, it is part of a much more substantial kit that redesigns the entire shift mechanism, resulting in a far superior shift action.

The B+G version (same as the Moss version), pre-dates the MS one, and is a less comprehensive solution. The resulting shift action is only marginally better than the original (in my opinion). An improvement yes, but nothing spectacular.

Hope this helps (more than my last posting anyway!)


Scarlet Fever

The B&G/moss version just reduces movement at the gear knob, MS's reduces the movement, makes the change more precise and promises to last longer.

If you fit Mike's bell crank, check whether you need his cable ends as well because from memory they are a different size to the OEM.


The bell crank assembly available as a aftermarket part is supplied as a replacement part for the orignal bell crank and gear cable ends.The rod ends give a more positive feel than the original rubber bushed ones and are bolted into position rather than a press fit over the ball ends.Usually wear occurs in the bell crank boss at the attachment to the gear selector rod by fitting a new one this eliminates the excessive movement caused by the wear.B&G supply the bell crank assembly and /or SSK as manufactured by MS.For some reason we only list the SSK which has the bellcrank as part of the kit but it is available separately @29.99 plus the VAT.HTH.

Thanks all,
Now my question is, do i need to change the BELL CRANK ASSEMBLY or all the shift.
Mine feel "soft"(like a dead arm).
Is it the same for you?
my car is from 1998 and as 80.000 kms.

Bite the bullet and change it all;-)

hi mike,
thanks for your help, but i prefered the first one.
see you
thanks for your help all, i know now what does the BELL CRANK ASSEMBLY.

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