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MG MGF Technical - What filter?

I want to get my 2002 Stepspeed TF sounding a bit more racy. What's the best filter to get - a K&N? Are they a standard fitment to all TFs or do I need a special size for a Stepspeed? Alternatively I suppose I could get a replacement silencer box but not sure which to go for. Any help appreciated.

Hi Dee,

The K&N does give a very good sound to the engine, from memory the kit you would need for the MGF is the 57i. There is however a bit of a down side to an exposed air filter in that where is it situated in the engine bay is quite hot and therefore saps a little bit of power.

If you can stretch to an enclosed filter you will probably get a little more performance although a little less noise.

Rob Bell has a good comparison of different filters on his website: it's worth checking out.

Good luck


T Woolcott

considering the intake setup on the TF compared to the F, I'd say you'd lose performance if you went down the K&N route. Also consider how racy you want to sound, a remember being able to hear a scottish f that had a k&n fitted from a considerable distance away!
Leigh Reid

This got me thinking:
If a stepspeed, then permanent max power is probably not your primary concern - you said as much in the racy sound bit. So the open filter probably gives you a double bonus in that when you are looking for power, your boot will need to be slightly nearer the carpet giving the best possible sound. Only at the absolute flat out situation would the warmer air very marginally reduce the amount of fuel delivered. But the better filter design probably cancels that out or even betters the breathing.
However in all other normal driving situations (>99% of the time)you will be delivering marginally warmer air which means you will be using marginally less fuel. The nature of the stepspeed optimises the fuelling/gear on power demanded, unlike a manual - so better sound and better fuel economy. Double bonus!
Of course I could just be thinking rubbish.

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