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MG MGF Technical - what induction vader or taipan?

hi can anyone tell me best option for 98 v v c a vader system or taipan or maybe something else thanks richard
rj hardwick

Vader, taipan and the ITG Maxogen represent the top-end of the cold air induction systems available for the MGF - and their price tags represent this - both in terms of build quality and in terms of research investment.

However, when we rolling road tested all these kits in the "King Cone 2" test at Emerald in Norfolk, we failed to see any significant difference between any of them - which was rather disappointing.

I'd go for the one that best suits your pocket and aesthetic. :o)
Rob Bell

cheers rob gone for vader system like the look and set up. where is best place to fit cold air feed pipe under car or out n/s vent have heared not much airflow through vent ?
rj hardwick

Pros and cons to consider here. The good news is that both sites will give you cool air, which is the primary aim.

The disadvantage of the air intake location is that the air flow in this area is minimal - and indeed, some say that air flow can actually be out of the air intake rather than into it. This can be over come insofar as the engine will actively suck air in, but it isn't getting much help.

The advantage of under the car location is that the air could be 'rammed' into the intake - so perhaps there is a gain to be had here.

The disadvantage of the under car location is that air is particularly dirty - with a high dust particle content close to the road surface. And perhaps worse, drive through deep standing water, and it could be game over for the engine due to water ingestion and hydraulic lock...

The advantage of the side air intake is that the air is cleaner, and 'safer'.

I've gone with the safer option, and I've got my intake duct in the air intake rather under the car.
Rob Bell

Have a look at my web pages on the subject (for what they're worth!)
I've not gone for any fancy filter (yet), but the temperature in the air filter housing is definitely a good bit cooler.
Mike Cunningham

That's a very neat installation that I like a lot - and in fact, would be the most cost-effective air intake modification IMO. Use a cheap replacement panel filter, and an intake tube to the nearside airvent, and bob's your uncle - an induction kit that has cost you no more than 50 quid in new parts, or rather less if parts had second hand...
Rob Bell

thanks rob/mike had already removed resonator box and fitted pipercross panel filter so it will be interesting to see if there is any improvement when fitted. will fit pipe to side vent i live on the gower peninsular so subject to high tide at times never taken her through water yet but you never know lol
rj hardwick

Will be interesting to make that comparison Richard - look forward to hearing your thoughts! :o)
Rob Bell

fitted this weekend huge difference can hear it sucking in the air highly recommended all i need now is for clutch to go so i can fit the lightened flywheel lol
tg hardwick

Got one of these - but so used to it now that I hardly notice it! LOL Makes a difference to the rate at which the revs pick up, but doesn't seem to harm drivability :o)
Rob Bell

yes mine is sitting nice and dry in my wardrobe waiting to be fitted lol
tg hardwick

Hi Chaps, it's been a while!(was Tony, Cambs)

How does this repositioning of hoses work for a TF? That has one inlet to the rear of the engine on part of the subframe and another that is tucked just inboard of the nearside strut in relativly fresh air.
Tony Hall - Cambs

Hi Tony - the repositioning works well. The OEM hose positions are in the coolest areas of the engine bay - but either are quite as cool as the amibient air outside. I'd recommend rerouting them to the nearside air intake. Probably better flow under the car to be honest, but the air down there is also dirty, and your engine is at higher risk of water ingestion from standing water...
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

I'll give that a try, I think the rear one is long enough to come all the way back as well - it's one of those things that I have meant to do since 2003... :D
Tony Hall - Cambs

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