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MG MGF Technical - What is happening with my keyfob??

Now I have (yet another) VERY strange problem with my F. It's the keyfob this time (never had a problem with it before, at least everything comes around to break down...): it has become picky on the locations where it is used!

When the F is in front of my appartment, the keyfob works almost never. You can stand next to the car (and corner, even on top of softtop) and push 20 times, the F is just not reacting. I had to open the F already several times by key and hold the keyfob close to the seats to disactivate the immobilizer.
So I said: battery nearly dead!
Replaced battery... SAME THING.
So I said: cable close to center console
>checked, still ok...

Now what I don't understand at all is that EVERYWHERE else the keyfob works at least from a 20 feet distance without any single retry necessary!
Like new, instant, no matter how I hold it or where I stand, the car always picks up immediately. I come home and pfffft, have to try again during 1 minute before the car reacts to it. Sometimes I just can't lock it twice if I come home because it takes a painstaking time to close it once...

Could there be radio wave 'noise' jamming my keyfob signal, or is it just the little British devil hidden soemwhere inside my dreaded F playing tricks again with me?
Or somebody tapping my signal? (yes, please steal it, you'll be screwed anyway!!)

Anything I can do to check or improve?

Hi Dirk !

Probably overloading of the receiver (the one with the yellow cable under dash) due to nearbye transmitter in 430 -440 MHz -band. Read more about it and the shortcommings of this receiver on Dieters Tech-side "MGF TECHNIK".

Regards , Carl.


Oh, oh, had to have a little research myself to find that stuff from Carl from last year on the www.mgf-net site.
Its here

So the best would be to put the car and blipper in a Faraday Box, or design a 'wired' remote control instead of that wireless thing. (just kidding, cause one of my two blippers does the same poor distance)

Sorry Dirk, but without a new battery replacement and/or cleaning the battery contacts I've no idea.

May be you got a 'green stuff' battery (low voltage, low current)


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