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MG MGF Technical - WHAT IS IT


I have not long had my TF and I hope someone can kindly help answer some questions.

1. When I got the car the dealer said it was a 135, but when i insured the car it said, it was a 160 vvc so i checked all my documents looked all around and inside the veh but nothing to say what type of TF it is. Does anyone know how i can find this information out.?

2. Does anyone have problems with there fuel pump. The one I have makes a buzzing noise, I have been told that its on its way out. As its not yet broke will it be covered under the warranty??

3. The exhaust, one blows out the the other does not, is this normal?

4. The Power steering does not turn off as it should at high speed. Any ideas???

Many thanks guys


J M Rooney

Probably your best bet would be to send Dieter your vin to check against his lists. Don't know how the insurance company can tell without seing the car, maybe you could ask them?

Fuel pump should only buzz as it pressurises the system when you first turn on the ignition. If it is buzzing all the time, you could have a fuel leak, but you should be able to smell that.

Doesn't the TF have a flap that shuts off one exhaust pipe at low speeds? Some people round here have simply disconnected the leads so that it defaults to always open.

Power steering is supposed to turn off at 30mph. Try pulling the large EPS fuse under the bonnet to see if it changes the feel at speed.

Since MGR went bust, the only warranty cover is that offered by sellers. You can buy additional cover from people like AA.


... and the VIN is ??


or use my email form if you like.


What's the red line at on the speedo?

3 - yep it's normal at low revs. Apparently it opens up above 3000?rpm due to noise regs or something.

I'd ask why you think the power steering is on at speed. The steering will be lighter at faster speeds, but shouldn't be dangerous. Which it would be if the power steering was on.

Hi James,

The wheels suggest that your dealer is correct, if it was the 160 version it would have the 16" Trophy-esque alloys.

A fault present at time of sale is a strong argument with the seller, so make sure you have some evidence that they have the fuel pump noise on record. As Chris says, the fault may not be with the pump itself and you need to be careful to make sure that diagnostic costs don't come in your direction ;o)

As Leigh asks, what makes you think the EPAS is still operating at high speed?
Mike Hankin

if the car is a 135PS, the VIN will be SARRD??K??D6?????

if the car is a 160PS VVC, the VIN will be SARRD??P??D6?????

Hope this helps you out.

I imagine there will be a worthwhile difference in the insurance so get it sorted out.

Could affect the tax bracket too. It's definitely a 135 from the picture (all 160's have 16" wheels to clear the AP Racing brakes at the front). There are various other ways to tell, such as the red line on the rev counter (7200rpm on the 160, lower (6800??) on the 115 and 135).

T Jenner

Got the VIN.

a MG TF135, 2003 model (3D)

Thanks to you all.

The VIN does have D6 in it so I am sure its 135, it also saved me 80 quide :) so i am sorting it out as I type.

The steering was all over the place, on the motor way the slightest wind or uneven road would make you feel very unsafe to say the least. I have had it back to the dealer they seem to have done something with it but he said, he could not find anything wrong with it, so am thinking HE did not know what he was doing with it.

maybe am worried about nothing, but from what I read about how the TF handls on the road I dont think my car is perfect.

When it comes to taking the car to a garage it scares the life out of me, all I can think about is they will turn round and tell me I need a new engine or something like that. SORRY I DONT TRUST THEM!!!!!

I will buy spares from where i can and have a friend of a friend fix it for 20 quide......well I hope i will not have to!

The fuel pump, the buzzing is constant i think it may not last much longer but i have had some quotes on secondhand ones arond 60 to 140 quide with one months guaratee.

Sorry am i going on a bit....Thanks again for the notes I dont feel so worried anymore. :)


James, would have thought replacing the fuel pump would be straightforward.

Good to hear you saved 80 on the insurance! As someone else suggested, take the fuse out for the EPAS steering, it'll be (really!) heavy at slow speeds but if it feels the same on the motorway then it's not the power steering that's at fault. Remember The MG is a light car and more susceptible to cross winds.

Thanks Leigh

The more I think about it I should try it myself it does seem pretty straightforward.

As far as the streering goes maybe I thought i was buying a F1 at the time. :)



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