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MG MGF Technical - What is the tech name for the tool needed to push/turn the rear brakes ?

What is the tech name for the tool needed to push/turn the rear brakes ? ( I've forgotten )

I've got some new pads I need to buy the tool ( it helps to know the name when asking... lol )

Matthew Minion

Do you mean a brake adjuster spanner?
John McFeely

Cant be that ... I too would like to know the answer to that question.
John McFeely

In german I would ask for
'Das Ding zum Zuruckdrehen der hinteren Bremszylinderkolben, das aussieht wie eine Gabel' which is also a useless description on how it looks...LOL

May be 'brake cylinder piston wrench' or what ?
Dieter Koennecke

I know old rovers and volvos have the same type of brake system ( why did MG put a old crap system on the mgf )

'brake cylinder piston wrench' sounds about right but you have to turn the piston to make it go back ?

Matthew Minion

front pistons are to push back, rear are to turn. Suppose that Matthew is after the one for the rear brakes.
Dieter Koennecke

yup, rear is to turn. Trry Robs site. I think he got pictures of his recent change.
Dieter Koennecke

The name of the tool you need to turn the brake pistons with is: "a pair of pliers". No need to buy a special tool to reset the brak pistons.
Just grap the outer portion of the piston with the pliers and screw it back.

The tool is called "brake cylinder rear retractor" and the official Rover part number is 18G.1596. It is available from which is the company that supplies all the official Rover tools used at dealers.

Spyros Papageorghiou

The number of the special tool is 18G 1596.
According to the manual.
Bruce Caldwell

I actually used a long bar of metal to rotate the piston- in fact I think I used an edge of an old wood working file... ;o)

Thanks for the link Spyros- very useful :o)
Rob Bell

I think the proper name for the tool is a "pin spanner".

I used the tool that came with my angle grinder its like an ordinary spanner (though it doesn't have anything that grips a nut, just a U-shaped end). Through the ends of the U end are 2 "pins" about 3mm diameter that fitted rather nicely onto the end of the slave piston. The pins are about 30mm apart (from memory)


Pin spanner is it thanx

Jon, you've shown to the board that you've never even looked at the rear brakes of a MGF... if you can screw it back with pliers I'd love to see that ( you must have the strenght of superman )

Spyros, thanx for the link

Matthew Minion

Thanks also. Got it and understood.
A wrench with two pins on forked ends :)

I put put the measure requirement for the pin distance to the weekend works list.
Picture to follow.


Dieter Koennecke


Thanks for the compliment! I do have replaced my brake pads and and I definitely had no special tool. From what I recall I used a pair of pliers.

Jon A. Fredheim

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