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MG MGF Technical - What should i expect

Ok ive pulled my finger out today and ordered a tophy throttle body, high performance ignition leeds and a new set of spark plugs from mike satur. I currently do not have my K&N fitted at the mo. Will i run into any problems when all setup??? Will i notice a big difference when all is setup??

Any idea how much this will add to my BHP?? Ive got a 1.8mpi with 40000 on the clock with origonal 4 year old sparks in

Cheers Guys
Chris Glen

I should think that the difference will be quite noticeable! New leads and sparkers will, even on their own, make an improvement to the smoothness and pick-up of the engine.

The addition of a filter provides a noticable improvement in isolation too- 8 bhp is a typical figure so long as you sort out the air filter cooling (follow the K&N instructions carefully- and make sure that there is a 6" distance between the ducts and filter)

No one knows (yet) what difference a Trophy 160 52 mm TB makes on a standard 1.8i MGF, but JT reckons it's as good as adding the filter alone... so if at the end of the day your 118 bhp MGF isn't making 134 bhp I'd be quite surprised!!!

I suspect you'll be pleased with the result- but bear in mind that the MEMS may take some time to get used to the new filter/ TB combination.
Rob Bell

Sounds to good to be true!! Looking forward to the weekend now!!!!!. Is their anyway to reset the MEMS system so that its calculations are all reset back to factroy default???? If so would this help it to re-calibrate itself??? Also would this setup been any kinder on fuel consumption???
Chris Glen

>>>> would this setup be any kinder on fuel consumption???
silly question as all you will want to do is open it up and grin :-)

ID just like to thank mike satur for sending me my bits so quickly! Order tuesday afternoon at about 2:30 ish. Got into work this morning. Delivered at 8:45 am. WOW talk about service. Nice one mike, and thanks for the advice on me not needing a gasket
Chris Glen

>> >>>> would this setup be any kinder on fuel consumption???
>> silly question as all you will want to do is open it up and grin :-)

Er, yes - I think any improvement would be purely 'theoretical', if you see what I mean...
David Bainbridge

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