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MG MGF Technical - Wheel Arch

Hi, I've just come in from cleaning the car and found that I am missing a plastic cover from the wheel arch behind the back tyre. I now have some very wet material that is uncovered but is protecting some polythene which must be protecting something else. ( I hope you understand what I'm on about) My question is, Seeing I don't know how long this has been missing will it be OK to leave it for a little bit longer until I can replace it and does anyone know what the cover is, what part number it is and is it easy to replace. Thanks Sallie

Hi Sallie,

I think I know the part you miss.
Please tell us some more details about the car for a final identification.

1. Which car type and app. make year is it.
(MGF or mgtf and made before 2000 or later)

2. do you miss it on the drivers side rear wheel arch (nearside)

Not ultimate required but most precise would be if you could post the cars VIN to
(top-secret under our eyes, of course)
Dieter K.

Hi Dieter, I have sent the VIN info to your site. You are right that the plastic is missing from the drivers side rear wheel arch. On the right side, behind the wheel as you look straight onto the car. Sallie

Meant to add the car is a '96 1.8i

Jep, will answer your individual VIN Email later with some additional informations to the ownr of one of a _early_ MGF. (younger than *Scarlet Fever*)

The part you are missing is the engine and alternator cover.
I think it's better to install asap, cause mud could splash to the alternator.

It was at your car made of more or less hard dampening material.
Bolt on once on top with a metric thread screw and two plastic bolts on the bottom.

The upper bolt is almost corroding and breaks usually with the first try to access it due to alternator belt works or similar. ;)

I'll add some pics later.

If you get the chance, then try sourcing a second hand. And check for the bolt thread. This should be cut for new.

On the other hand, I know that a new design cover got introduced recently. It might fit and should IMO be more reliabel.

We older techies at this BBS have low know-how on the modded MGTF parts.
The problem is, that *currently* the interest of this new car owners is sowhat of rare. ... Means, I think they almost chat around at other forums about *nice back ends* and shiny bits (for the car).
(This was my shout of the day) ;)

I will reply an existing MGTF VIN by Email. This should work to ask at any dealer for the newer design nearside rear wheel arch liner part number.

PS. pic links to follow. Need to search on my HD and website

Dieter K.

.. found a drawing with the NEW design

the arrow in top left is a bolt location NOT existing at your car.

Will be out for a walk. Get back later.
Dieter K.

Thanks for that.
It will have to wait till Wednesday. I will remove the back tyre for a better inspection. Unfortunatly our nearest MG/Rover garage is not too brilliant at keeping or getting spares in but hopefully I will get it replaced very soon. I will have to be extra nice to the hubby for the next few days if I want him to take a look for me! I will be in touch if I have any more questions regarding fitting. PS Do you think Victoria at the MGF Centre would have the bit I'm after?

Pretty shure she will help with either the old or the new.
Some big regards from the old german MGF bloke :)

I think her guys will for sure be able to cut another thread to the subframe if required.

The the old design until app 2001

looked up the p/n *for the archives* :)
DCP4229 Scrivet - engine bay insulation to subframe (2 off needed for both versions)
The old for a 96 made. (30 quid though !!)
ETC100850 Pad-insulation engine bay - RH MGF

And the new MGTF, much cheaper and I'm nearly sure it can get converted to older MGF. 18 quid ... only)
CLK000020 Mudshield-rear wheelarch MGTF

Anyway, assume some more BBS regulars will add comments from Monday onwards.
Watch this space before you go.

Good luck
Dieter K.

<<The problem is, that *currently* the interest of this new car owners is sowhat of rare. ... Means, I think they almost chat around at other forums about *nice back ends* and shiny bits (for the car)

Heh, Dieter, have you been reading what I put on another bbs last week?

"If I may be permitted a huge generalisation - this site gets more complaints and questions about shiny bits and coloured light for later TFs while the other site gets questions about operational problems.

THERE I said it was a huge generalisation and everybody can flame me if they wish but only after stopping to think about some of the more recent threads.

I frequently read questions on here and know that they have already been answered elsewhere but hesitate to point to other bbs sites."

This thread was discussed on 24/10/2004

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