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MG MGF Technical - wheel arch louvre

I have only recently learned that in the drivers side rear wheel arch is an engine access panel made from some sort of fibreboard. I also noticed in a past thread that Roger Parker highlighted on the TF 'plastic shields with louvres placed in the spaces that are adjacent to the wheelarches. The angling of the louvres indicating that the wheel rotation that usually causes a positive movement of airis potentially drawing air from the engine bay.'
My thoughts are that a louvre could be easily cut into the fibreboard panel. I therefore wondered if anybody has a pic of the said louvre to compare sites and size required. It seems like a very easy mod to improve airflow around the F's engine bay.
Phil 22

I'm not sure whether it is easy to make louvres in the fibre board - it's prone to go soggy and out of shape - but for a picture of the louvred TF panel, see here (taken at Mike Satur's impressive emporium):
Rob Bell

I'd be interested to know if the louvres do anything, because the slots look tiny compared with the freespace around the panel. Unless the wheel acts as a propeller it's not that asymmetric surely?


The plastic TF panel fits an F and doesn't go soggy.

Then all we need is a partnumber ;o)

Can't find it on Dieter's EPC
Rob Bell

Part number CLK000020 Mudshield-rear wheelarch.

Ordered last Saturday. Any other bits which can be retrofitted from a TF to an F? I have the cross beams already!

How much does the 'mud shield' cost?

>> Any other bits which can be retrofitted from a TF to an F? <<

Potentially tonnes. Depends on what you want to achieve. :o)

If going for the brace kit, make sure you get the one that resides behind the dash - it is probably the most important one of the three...
Rob Bell

15.11 plus VAT

Rob, do you have a part number for the dash brace as I cannot find in in the MG TF parts catalogue?

I am not really interested in the cosmetic changes - I have the Front sub frame brace, the engine brace and the TF boot lid so anything that enhances handling I am interested in.

Julian, I am not sure: the EPC appears to show the same drawings for both the MGF and TF, but with different part numbers. I cannot therefore be sure of what I am looking at in terms of part numbers :o(

A *guess* is ACM460020 - but that is just a guess :o(

Anyone able to confirm or refute this part number?

Julian, worth chatting to X-Part?
Rob Bell

I will check my Rover Parts CD tonight! There is something called a steering wheel brace on both TF and F but different part numbers and look different in the diagram. I assume the part number you quoted is something different.

No, that's the steering wheel brace Julian. But it looks like the replaced metal brace on the MGF (pictured here): - that's replaced with something like this on the TF:
Rob Bell


'Strut - Steering column to floor' according to the descriptive used on Rovers own part list but I accept it looks like an incorrect description based on your photos.

So can the strut be retrospectively fitted to an F and does it involve dismantling the whole dash?

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