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MG MGF Technical - Wheel nut torque specification changed ?


I've heard that the old specification of 70Nm for the wheel nut torque is replaced to 90Nm.
(Just changed all affiliated entries on my website, cause it sounds to be from official side)

Can someone confirm ?
A look up of a new car owner in his owners manual would be great regarding the torque.
Please state aswell the edition of mgtf owners manuals, even if you see still 70Nm.

Thank You.


That's interesting...Will be curious to see what the answer to this question is Dieter.
Rob Bell

A nice way to make more money,the result will be more broken wheelnut lock-keys ;O)
At least on the "F" one can be lucky if the lock adapter will sustain torque to the original 70Nm...
The wire and 2 spotwelds simply isnt strong enough.
I am on my second insert so far.
Does the "TF" has any improvement here? / Carl.

i am on my locking wheel 2 the lugs in broke off

usesless things they should make them iron tight
darren jeffery

I'll have a nose around later but I'm sure somebody posted pics recently of a new style locking nut tool - didn't seem to have the same lugs. I'll get back here.
John Ponting

Wasn't that far away after all

John Ponting


Publication Part No RCL 0549EN
English 06/2003
Road wheel nut torque 70 Nm

John Ponting

Thank you.

Any newer manuals ?

This thread was discussed on 02/09/2005

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