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MG MGF Technical - Wheel rub

Reversing into a parking space this morning I heard a grating, rubbing noise. Checked it out, my front wheels are rubbing against the wheel arch plastic protecter on full lock both sides. the protecters on both sides seem to be secure, any ideas?? Has this happened to anyone else?? If so,how do I rectify it?

might need a little reshaping after softening with a hot-air gun (a hair dryer will substitute) .
David S

Hi Jim.

As David says, not an uncommon 'feature' but easily sorted. Are you able to register as a member (takes about 3 mins and costs nothing) so that you can access the archive? There will be a number of hits depending on how you phrase the search keywords.

David and John,
I'm just about to try both your suggestions
Thanks loads

Looks like I'm in the legion of the damned now LOL
J Welsh

Hi Jim
This is a very common problem. I have had my mgf serviced locally (see "high servicing costs".) At no time did the dealer notice that problem. That dealer had done three services and still not noticed this fault. I never complained, so should that let them off the hook? I think not. Get in gear -AND-.
All the best


When I fitted 205 tyres to front of my car I noticed a slight rub. A quick blast on the plastic lined with a hairdryer cured the problem. Just watch that you don't burn yourself. My car needs pumped up and on cold mornings its started to rub very slightly but only on full lock going back.

David Clelland

Hi ya Jim

I have been having the same problem with my 98 MGF.
Whenever i turn my wheels full lock in either direction i hear a loud rubbing noise like the front wheels are rubbing on the wheel liners.
If you find a solution i would be very grateful if you could let me know.
Thanks Lou
L Orbell

The late model TF's have a indented arch and a reshaped wheel arch liner, looks like MG have addressed the problem.The later liner could be retro fitted to earlier cars.HTH.

Had exactly the same issue myself - tyre rubbing black plastic wheelarch moulding on full lock. Easily sorted with a hairdryer.

Method: Use a stick, screwdriver or anything suitable to push the liner away from the tyre. Heat liner with hairdryer until soft (will go slightly glossy) If possible, use hairdryer to blow cold air until it sets in new shape. It is really quite easy and only a ten minute job.

The hairdryer I used had a "cool shot" button that cuts out the heating element but keeps the fan going. Now I know what it is really for :-)

Thanks for all the suggestions I did the hairdryer thing and it worked well
Thanks again
J Welsh

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