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MG MGF Technical - Wheel Spacing - How much is too much?

Hi All,

I have put a set of AP 4-Pot Calipers onto the front of my MK2 MGF and am attempting to fit the 16" Square Spoke VVC Alloys over them. Using a bag of washers I have worked out I will need a wheel spacer of 13mm or more and visually this looks ok and similar to normal I think.

I will be reducing the front tyres from 215/45/16's to 195/40/16's so am effectively reducing the width of the tyre by a similar amount to the spacer so does anyone think I'll have a problem with a spacer that fat? Handling, maybe?

Also I need to find the 13mm spacers with the correct 95.4mm PCD and the centre hub flange machined into it to help mount the wheel centrally, does anyone know where I can get some from?


Nick Atkins

I think Mike Sateur, one of the advertisers listed above, does spacers.

Spacers are available from a number of sources (Demon Thieves being just one) - most are universal 4-stud pattern and suit a range of PCDs.

Using 14mm spacers on both front wheels is going to increase the front track by over an inch. The bad news is that this will almost certainly corrupt the front geometry, increasing kick back, tram-lining and general unpleasantness noticeable through the steering, particularly under braking...

The reason for this is the increased scrub radius (see this figure:

Not a great deal you can do to correct - but whether you can live with it depends on how bad you perceive things to be after a test drive.

I noticed that Andy Kidson of VHS on his Sprint and Hill climb mgtf has some re-worked suspension - but whether he's planning a customer version of this new front suspension set up? No idea (probably rather unlikely I think!)
Rob Bell

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