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MG MGF Technical - wheel without airbag

I wanted to put a classic Momo wheel without airbag on my F. I found a dealer who sold a hub for this kind of wheel but the Swiss driving autorities are asking for an MGF factory authorisation to install such a whell without airbag. In fact, according to the MG swiss dealer, it seems that the airbag wheel is connected with the belt security system and so if you take away the classic airbag wheel, you take the risk that the belt security system will not start. So does anybody know if this is right or not? and perhabs is there someone who did this wheel conversion (I know that in the MGF championship, this is a classic conversion) or someone who know the address of the MGF factory in UK, to ask them this "famous" authorisation?
CÚdric JeanRichard

No good with your other questions, but

The airbag is linked into the same detonator as the seatbelts, if you remove the airbag then the SRS system will dettect a fault, light a lamp on the dash and disable all the SRS system (both? airbags and explosive belt tighteners)
Without the SRS system active the car will be as safe as any pre-airbag car, removeing it does not make the car inherently more daangerous
Will Munns

Unfrotunately, you are unlikely to get MG factory authorisation for replacement of the steering wheel with a non-airbag version for any other purpose than Motorsport... :o(

Sometimes life is great in the UK ;o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 15/08/2003

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