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MG MGF Technical - Which Air Filter?

I want 2 fit a performance air filter as alot of people say it improves the car alot, but which one do a get? and are there any other bits you have 2 get when fitting an uprated air filter? I'll probably take it 2 a garage 2 get fitted so just need 2 know which filter 2 order. ( or if anyone wants 2 come fit it 4


Hi Gary

Lots of info in the Archives on this subject !!

Most people go with the K&N filter which I think comes out at about 80 ish or if you want to go one stage further and go for a 'cold air box' type filter you have a choice of either the ITG Maxogen or the Piper Cross Viper (what I use)

Both of these are around the 250/270 mark but offer a greater improvement over the K&N by drawing in cold air from a ducted intake either through the side vent or from the underside of the car

I have recently fitted a Viper and notice a big improvement on the low end torque as you are heating the engine compartment up whilst say waiting at lights and the hot air reduces the performance...

Or something like that !! I'm no mechanic so I am sure one of the guys will correct me if i am wrong..

As for fitting... Do it yourself, its very easy but you will need to remove the engine access cover..




K&N gives very good BHP/, but make sure you fit the induction pipes which draw cold air from under the car. Costs about 100 all in from someone like B&G.

ITG & the Viper have got good reviews, but are they worth the extra cash, only time, or until Rob & SF et al do another test. The K&N will give 8BHP on a Mpi or 15BHP on a VVC and thats been independently shown on a rolling road.

Fitting is dead simple and takes about 30mins.

Get one its the best 100 you will spend

Have fun

If you go through someone like filterpower then the price should be nearer to 80-85. Like you say DJ, the K&N gives the best pound to bhp ratio. The ITG and Viper kits will give better performance, but aren't as good value for money (IMO). Guess it depends on how much disposable cash you've have for this project Gary!

Personally, if you were looking to spend ITG/Viper money, then I'd go for a K&N AND an alloy throttle body instead!


Or an ITG and a ttb? hehe :D
ITG is a bit quieter

LOL Kingsley! Sounds like you're well and truly bitten by the darkside!


Oh yes!
Dread to think of how much has been spent on my F

/Grins :D

If you don't mind a bit of DIY, then the best bhp per pound is a fully enclosed air filter.

Two options:

1. Panel filter inside your existing airbox, but modified so that it gets a cold air feed directly from the nearside (RHD) engine air vent.

2. A cone filter (I prefer K&N), inside a recovered Rover 820 airbox, with a cold air feed from the nearside air vent.

Both of the above options should weigh in at under 50 quid, and have similar performance to the much acclaimed ITG for a fraction of the cost :o)

RR figures to follow, hopefully! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks guys, so can i get the K&N filter and the induction pipes in one package or are they sold seperate? Its gunna have 2 wait till later in the month when i get paid again but definately sounds worth it. Ive heard it gives a smoother delivery and what im hoping is a little more torque lower down where i think the F is a little lacking.

Still no one offering 2 fit it 4 me

Where in wiltshire are you?
i go down to bradford/bath area every other month and will be down between now and christmas - i could certainly give you a hand if you were nearby


If you buy the K&N 57i induction kit from Brown & Gammons you'll get everything you need, although I would buy more cable ties as you'll need them.

Don't panic about it being difficult to fit, I was a little concerned as it was my first modification to the F, but it is a doddle. I would recommend that you check out Rob's site and have a good look at the engine bay before you do it.

or any of the other sites as their instructions make it fool proof. If you're really stuck, I'm near Newbury and would be more than happy to lend a hand if you can get over.


Buy it from Lesley at
Ask nicely u might get a discount :-)

Thanks again guys, nice 2 know there are some nice people out there. As i said its gunna have 2 wait awhile as ive had a bit of a cash flow problem this month but definately gunna do it soon.

Thanks Kingsley and DJ i might hold you 2 your kind offers one day, i live very near 2 Stonehenge, a little village called Netheravon.

Gary is the place, Kinnor is the company as they have a good relationship with K&N, definately cheaper than B&G.

K&N Pros - Love the noise, reletively cheap, easy to fit, lasts forever (or as good as) if cleaned and oiled every now and then.

The more expensive systems may give more power but not enough to make up fot the difference in price. If you want to spend all that money you may be better off spending it in another area, polly bushes or decent shocks for example.

Personally I spent a lot more time and money getting the suspension how I wanted it. This returned much more driving pleasure than getting a little more power out of the engine.

Aaah - Netheravon. Fond memories.

Did a skydive at the RAF base a few years back. What a rush. Must get round to having another go sometime!
Billy Bob

fitting my K&N in an hour, just spoke to Lancaster (My insureres through MGOC) and no price increase, after reading through the archives i was expecting at least 10% price hike.
V V happy not only did Lancaster have the best quote by 200 at least but now this.

PS i dont work for them honest!!!

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